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I have just replaced my old Eclass with a new E Class 220 blue

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I have just replaced my old Eclass with a new E Class 220 blue tec which has Handkook Ventus S1 evo2 MO Kontrol tyres size 225x50 R 17 94W which are very noisy and it is like riding on corrugated cardboard all the time. The Dealer says it is the tyres causing the problem not anything mechanical with car. I have my doubts but cannot put up with the awful noise and ride. Can you suggest a solution. Thanks.

that sidewall rating of 94 is prety high for a car of the E class size

if the noise is aconstant ' roaring' that increases with speed I'd agree that tyres may be the issue

The first thing to do is check that the tyre pressures are correct to those stated in the manual / on the door jamb sticker, if this is OK then its also worth trying a few psi less to see if thats makes any difference

If looks Ok then I'd consider fitting a taller profile tyre with a smaller diameter wheel, this will add some compliance to the ride and generally calm the quick responses. An alternative is to keep the current wheel and replace the tyres with some of a softer sidewall so removing some of the compliance in the system - Toyo's for example

This is especially true if you have run-flat tyres currently fitted

If you look on the tyre at the end of the number eris there's a letter the number just before this letter denotes the load capacity and therefore sidewall stiffness.

ie 225/55 R16 91V its the 91 you're interested in try a tyre with a lower figure and you'll get a softer tyre, however bear in mind this will also soften the steering response

Its also worth checking that all the main suspension pivot points have been tightened with the car on its wheels not in the air as this can add a lot of friction to the suspension and lastly check that the brakes aren't binding at all as this too can make the ride very jerky and bouncy

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Matt, thanks for advice but not sure how to proceed. Dealer has set tyres at correct pressure level and still no better. Mechanically all as should be. The number at end of tyre info is 94w and amreluctant to change this rating in case I breach my warranty,also i wish to retain the existing 17inch wheels.

Can you suggest any make of tyres with a quiet rating that would solve or at least reduce the noise and ride problem.


Hello Ian

OK if you want to leave all the tyre specification the same, then I'd reccommend switching to Goodyear as these are the quietest tyre in their class
the exact model is the

Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance - 225/50 R17 94W FP TL
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.


Sorry for delay in reading your answer. Thanks for help. Will try everything you suggest but feel that the replacement tyres to Goodyear will sort the problem out. I will approach Mercedes - Benz for contribution towards cost of the replacement tyres but won`t hold my breath for a cheque from them.

Thanks again, excellent service.