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MB Paul
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I bought a CLK 280 Sport automatic (2007) recently which runs

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I bought a CLK 280 Sport automatic (2007) recently which runs very nicely except for 2 problems.
1. I was surprised to find that when I have to pause on an incline or hill, eg because of the traffic, and take my foot off the accelerator the car will roll backwards. To prevent this I have to apply gentle pressure on the accelerator.
I have been told by the Mercedes Specialist I use that this is normal for this model and nothing can be done about it. Is this really correct? I was surprised as this is the only automatic I have ever driven where the engine does not automatically keep the car stationary on a hill when one takes one's foot off the accelerator.
2. When braking at fast speeds on the motorway, eg at 70 mph, the car judders until the speed gets down to about 45 mph. This problem does not occur when braking at 40-30 mph or lower. I have been told no problem was found with the braking system, which again I find hard to believe as I have never experienced this with any other car I have driven.
Your thoughts please.
Rudolph Anson
Hi RudolphWith regards ***** ***** transmission they are correct with what they have told you - these vehicles will roll back on an incline which is normal. This can be helped somewhat by switching between the C & S mode on the gearshift selector (one is less prone to rolling back but for the life of me I cant remember which one is better!) but will not eliminate it completely.With regards ***** ***** brakes this is usually either warped brake rotors (which will require either replacement or refacing) which will need to be measured using a dial gauge to check for run-out as this is not always obvious visually, or worn suspension bushes or ball joints. Worn shock absorbers can also cause this feeling. Best regards, Paul
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