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2008 C200K Sport. ABS and ESP warning on the dashboard and

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2008 C200K Sport. ABS and ESP warning on the dashboard and the rear end kicks out on acceleration. Had a wheel speed sensor replaced 3 weeks ago at a cost of £628 but this has clearly not fixed the problem.
Hello,It would really help to know the fault codes stored in ESP control unit to assist you in best possible way.Maybe workshop gave you some printouts with the fault code list?Best regards,Stan
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I didn't get the fault codes, I assumed they knew what they were doing. This is what they wrote on the invoice:Checked for ABS light on, short test, see print ou (sic)
fault with rear speed signal, check actual value sensors, no signal at n/s/r and o/s/r poor, carry
wiring checks from control unit to sensors found
intermediate sensor to have water in it, require
both wheel speed sensors, multiplug and pins.Replaced left and right rear abs sensors, repaired
at boot connector, checked and found ok.£114 for parts, $410 for labour
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
£410 for labour. The text on the invoice was being clipped on the right hand side so you have to guess the missing words/letters
Without knowing the fault codes i can only assume what is causing this. Anything from bad brake light switch to ESP control unit can cause this.It seems that dealer has missed something and owe you a labor warranty. If this has happened right after sensor replacement, maybe the sensors are not properly installed. Also speed sensors will not work properly if there is play in wheel bearings or sensor rotors are damaged. I recommend to claim warranty on the repairs done, since the initial complaint has not been rectified. Do not authorize any additional charges to yourself until they provide the diagnostic printouts of the actual situation. Based on these printouts, i will be able to give further diagnosis procedures for you. In any case you are entitled to the copy of all diagnostic procedures and printouts carried out by the dealer.
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