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Mike, Mercedes Technician
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ive asked the same question twice and got no reply I carnt cancel one and also been waiting 3 days for a answer

Hello and Welcome..
My name is ***** ***** Im sorry to see you have had a wait on your question here -
I can see you have had a reply to this on the 21st - but Im not sure if you feel you have received a full response to your question or not.
- Basically to get to the bottom of the steering going hard issue, you need to have a full scan done ( computer ) on the module that has overall control of the steering system... this will reveal any fault codes directing you to the cause of your fault..
I suspect from what you are describing that the unit ( control ) may be at fault here but you can't condemn that without the proper test routine first.
Too - many smaller garages dont have the equipment that will successfully get connection to the module concerned here.. To get an accurate diagnosis - and therefore save money, I would suggest in this case using a MB dealer at least for the test ...or an Independent MB garage who will have the proper equipment if you have one near you... then you can go from there knowing you are on the correct track to curing this.
Let me know how you go..and / or let me know if you need anything further on this..
~>>~~~ Meantime - Please do click on the "Exc / Ok rating" for me at this time.. "Thank you" in advance for that .
.. Note that you can get back to me anytime at all after doing the rating - it doesn't close you out -- I will be on later if needed.
Best Rgds, MIKE.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Hi mike-as regards ***** ***** steering I was told by another mechanic of yours that my car had speed sensitive steering of which I can understand because when I first start the car the steering is normal it only goes hard after I reach a certain speed ie 7-8 mph he suggested it was the speed sensor gap to the inductive ring on the hub was to big I don't really understand that maybe you can give me some idea please

Hello there Brian -
Thank you for your reply..
Ok yes - if you look a the wheel hub - you need the wheel off really for that - front.. you will see a sensor. This is you will see, pointing at a ring that has teeth - the gap between the end of the sensor there - needs to be correct.. and yes its a good idea to check that. Sometimes you get a build of corrosion in the sensor housing - it can raise the metal and twist / move the sensor out of place causing such problems. Thats the sort of thing he would be meaning.
Failing that - a faulty sensor can cause this - you would need plug on test equipment to trace / verify that..
So it may be that -but it can also be caused by a fault in the pwr steering system as a basic pump fault - or losing pressure as you pick up speed.
This is quite common - what happens is the pump goes faster as you drive - and as you pick up speed, if the pump is at all faulty, it then packs up as the speed of the car and the pump rises- meaning its not pumping fluid -meaning the steering will go off / go stiff..
I actually suspect this will be your fault and should be checked also.. It does need to be checked properly with proper test / pressure equipment - but most garages can do that for you.
-- I hope that helps you further Brian - Im sure you will find its one or the other as above so you should soon get to the bottom of this now.
Let me know as I say if you need anything else ever..
Can I ask you please to click on the OK ratings for me at this point and I thank you again..
All the very best - MIKE.
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