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Smart Car Gear boxes We have a FourTwo Coupe automatic,

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Smart Car Gear boxes
We have a FourTwo Coupe automatic, 1st registered March 2010 which we tow behind Mercedes Motor Home on a trailer.
We are exploring changing to towing by A-frame, ideally an automatic, new, used or the existing car and are getting conflicting advice from different Merc/Smart dealerships. Can you please clarify :
1. Is the current 'Twinamatic' not suitable for towing over 50 miles in manual mode ?
2. Were some pre 2014 models fitted with a 'Double Dry Clutch' automatic gearbox which is suitable for towing ?
3. We have been told that that the gearbox in our current car is really a manual with electronic gear changing and there is no problem towing with the shift in neutral ??
Any advice gratefully received,
Regards, ***** *****
hello Donald your correct the transmisson in the 4-2 is an automated manual sothe procedure is as follows:Put the trans in neutral, leave key in ignition accessory position, disconnect battery and you're "Good to go"!Also attach a bungy cord from steering wheel to under front seat! This will eliminate a nasty steering wheel back lash on slow tight turns and when re-connecting the battery, hold down on brake pedal before turning key to on position!The transmission has to re learn the codes. It takes about 10 seconds. When the "P" park symbol shows on the dash the car will start and you are finished.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Matt -Thanks for the info - can I clarify a couple of things :
1. - When you say 'disconnect the battery' does this mean actually remove the leads from the battery terminals ? If so, can we fit an isolator switch on the positive lead to avoid dismantling the passenger side of the car ?
2. - We don't have a 'P' symbol on the dash (the equivalent of 'Park' on this gearbox is the shift to reverse and switch the engine off which effectively locks the drive wheels.Assuming we follow the procedures, can this car with it's current gearbox be towed at 'reasonable' speeds, 50 - 60mph and for longish distances - we often travel 500 or 600 miles in a full day ?Regards, ***** *****
hello yes that's correct you have to remove battery power and fitting an isolator switch would be a good idea, once you've done this and can follow the procedure then theres no reason why you can't tow it long distances
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