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A class diesel recent sudden noise with small amount of smoke

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A class diesel recent sudden noise with small amount of smoke in engine compartment near front and left side of engine, sounds like a machine gun and increses with accelleration
Hello I'd say whats most likely is you have an blown injector seal so the combustion gas is blowing past the injector, either that or a cracked exhaust manifold I'd suggest having a feel around the engine with bare hands to feel for gas blowing past your fingertips - do this from cold and you'll have 20 seconds or so before it all gets too hot
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Took off mainfold no gasses from injectors.Sounds like exhaust but cant see where or feel escape of gas.This my daughters car and I have also questioned her about miss fueling which may have happened and my limited experience with a Peugeot diesel similar problems, smoke and noise like a machine gun until repaired.Will see if I can get it on a ramp to check exhaust leakage and follow through from there.
hello the other possibility is a hole or crack in the inlet manifold? as its only plastic so check along its seams for leaks
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