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Mercedes-benz C Class 220 Se Cdi (143) Coupe, 2148CC Diesel

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Mercedes-benz C Class 220 Se Cdi (143) Coupe, 2148CC Diesel
My car has suddenly stopped changing gear. when I turn the engine on, the display on the dash has the list of gears, but doesn't show the comfort or sport sign at the end. When I select Drive, the shadow box goes over the D and the D is not visible. It is just a grey square. When the car is driving correctly the D is highlighted and the D is visible, and the S or C is at the end of the list. Also when this happens, and I go into reverse, I can't get back into drive, I have to turn the engine off first.
It is intermittent, and I can get out the car, leave it for 10 mins, go back and it will drive ok.
Any ideas of what has happened? is it electrical?

Hi, my name is***** problem will most likely be due to a faulty electronic gear selector module. When the selector malfunctions you will lose the gear indication on the display and you will not be able to put the shifter back into park. You should get the car connected to the Mercedes tester to read out the fault codes in the systems. I think you will find a fault code stored for the selector module. The selector module is the gearshift assembly. You will need to replace the shifter assembly in order to repair this problem.

Let me know if you have any questions. Kindly rate my service when you are done.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you

You're quite welcome.

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