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I have a c180 kompressor. W204. Blue efficiency. When car

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I have a c180 kompressor. W204. Blue efficiency. When car was sat still in traffic . The car turned itself off. I had to then put it back and park and restart engine . Is this meant to do this ?


part of the 'blue efficiency' pack is a stop / start facility that will automatically turn the engine off if its sat idling for more than 10 seconds

it will only occur if the car is set to Eco mode and all the required criteria are met. i.e. battery fully charged, not doing a DPF regen, no heavy load on the electrical system etc

there should be a button on the dash to turn it off

Customer: replied 8 months ago.
The car never turns itself off if sat idle . Except once yesterday when was idle for 10 mins .
Where on the car is the button to disable this . Thanks

you turn off the 'eco' mode

see here

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