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Does a C270 Avantgarde SE have both traction control and

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Does a C270 Avantgarde SE have both traction control and ESP?? Can they be independently switched on/off??

Hi, welcome to Just Answer. My name is***** you post the last 8 digits of your vin number for me?

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
At the moment I am looking at a number of C-series Avantgarde SEs with a view to purchasing one (almost certainly a 2003, 2004 or possibly a 2005 C270 CDI SE. All of them have two transmission settings ('S' or 'C'), which I assume are the equivalent of the 'S' & 'W' settings on the 2003 C270 'Elegance' that I drove recently in icy conditions - apart from starting in a higher gear (presumably 2nd) than the 'S' setting, wheel spin in the 'W' setting was limited but flagged by warning lights on the dashboard that I did not notice in 'S' mode. I therefore assumed that on the 'Elegance', 'W' mode activated Traction Control, 'S' switched it off - that the same will happen with a C270 CDI Avantgarde SE in 'W' or 'C' modes.The 'Elegance' I drove did not have ESP. All the 'C270 Avantgarde SE' cars that I am looking at DO have ESP (or at least they have a 'ESP OFF' button on the dashboard), but it is not clear if they all have 'Traction Control' (which if I'm right about the 'C' transmission setting, they actually do) - and would also appear that some advertisers do not know the difference between 'Traction Control' and 'ESP'.If any of the cars in which I am interested have a 'ESP OFF' switch, that should presumably mean that they definitely have ESP - the question is whether or not they also have 'Traction Control'. Can you please clarify how I can tell??such as there was resulted in warning lights illuminating on the display flagged the W setting with automatic transmission) and do not have a VIN to quote you.
Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Ignore the text at the end of my last message (starting with 'such as there was resulted ...'), which I thought I had deleted, but apparently not

Sorry for the wait I was away from the site yesterday afternoon.

Switching the transmission between S and C mode only changes the start off and shift point characteristics. It does not disable the ESP. Using the switch on the console will turn off the ESP but not the anti-lock brake system. ESP is the same as traction control or stability control. ESP is just an acronym that Mercedes uses for their traction control system. The car will have ESP (traction control) and ABS (anti-lock brake system). ESP controls the wheel slip on acceleration through the anti-lock braking system.

Let me know if you need anything else.


Customer: replied 4 months ago.
Although I did not specifically say so, I cannot give you either a VIN number or the last 8 digits of a VIN number, because I have not yet purchased any of the cars that I am considering.All I can tell you is that the cars I am considering are C270 CDI Avantgarde SE models (4 or 5 door) that were first registered in the UK between 1st March 2003 (UK 03 plate) and 1st September 2004 (54 plate).All I am trying to ascertain is if the C270 CDI Avantgarde SE (or possibly the C270 CDI 'Elegance' models have Traction Control as standard and if not how I can tell if they are equipped with Traction Control.It's easy to see if a car is equipped with ESP, because it will have a button with a permanently lit or permanently off indicator light on the facia marked 'ESP Off'. There does not appear to be a similar button/switch or indicator light to activate or deactivate Traction Control, if fitted and show if it is on or off.I SUSPECT that the automatic transmission in 'W' (Elegance) or 'C' (Avantgarde) mode activates Traction Control and that 'S' mode deactivates it, but I'm guessing. Is that correct, or not??

The vin number is ***** best way to check the vehicle options. All of the models have some form of traction control. When you turn the key to the 2nd position you will either have an ESP or BAS or ASR warning light that will tell you which system the car is equipped with.

Customer: replied 4 months ago.
You seem to be suggesting that Electronic Stability Control or ESP (aka VSC, DSC, ASC) is the same as 'Traction Control' (aka ETC), which on the C270 CDI Avantgarde SE is presumably the Brake Controlled variant, because it uses the ABS system to control wheelspin rather than a mechanical or electronic limited-slip.My understanding is that ESP and ETC are actually different - see that is the case, it would appear the Mercedes are incorrectly describing ESP as 'Traction Control', or possibly that the automatic transmission of the C270 series cars incorporates ETC as standard, with ESP being an optional add-on that can be deactivated via a button on the fascia. Which of those two possibilities is correct??

Hi Richard, sorry for the wait. I had to be away from the site for a couple of days. I think you will find that all of the W203 models use a combination of ABS and traction control and stability control. There is a lot of confusion between car manufacturers in regards ***** ***** they call their system. Mercedes combines all of the functions into one unit. If you reference the vehicle data card using the vin number of each vehicle you are looking at it will tell you which system is installed on the car. Click on the attachment below for a description of Mercedes ESP system.

Customer: replied 3 months ago.
A couple of small questions before I submit a rating.(1) Are you now saying that the only way to identify exactly what ‘traction control’ and/or ‘ESP’ system a particular car has, either individually or in combination, is to ‘... reference the vehicle data card using the VIN number ..’ ???(2) How do I do that ???
Customer: replied 3 months ago.
Thanks for the link to the description of how Mercedes’ ESP system works, BTW.

Hi Richard, yes that is correct. Without looking at the data card it is difficult to tell which system or combination of systems the car is equipped with. Turning the key to the on position and checking the warning lights may tell you what you have. Usually, there is a BAS, ESP or ASR warning light. The owners manual is not a good source of information as they will cover all possible systems. You can just reply back to me at any time with the vin number and I can look up the data card and tell you which system you have.

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