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Jonathan Jewell
Jonathan Jewell, University Lecturer in Computer Science
Category: Microsoft
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Experience:  Qualified in psychology then converted to computer science. MSc Cognitive and Decision Sciences now teaching pervasive computing.
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I have lost my product no for windows 7

Customer Question

I have lost my product no for windows 7
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Microsoft
Expert:  Viet -MS Office Tech replied 4 years ago.

Hello Carolyn! Thank you for your question. I am a licensed computer professional with over ten years of experience, and I will be assisting you today.

I'm sorry about the issue. Do you have windows 7 (or XP, Vista, etc.)?

Do you mean Microsoft Office 2007, or 2010, etc.? Or is it Windows 7, etc.?

Did you purchase it previously?

Please let me know. Thank you,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

it was installed when my computer was bought it is windows 7

Expert:  Viet -MS Office Tech replied 4 years ago.

The Office program was already installed when you bought the computer, but did you have to buy a license or product key for Office also (either in store or online)?


Can we do a remote session, so we can chat, and I will be able to help you directly?

Edit: It looks like you are away; please reply back when you are available to continue. Please stay with me on this web page (don't create a new question.) Thank you,

Expert:  Jonathan Jewell replied 4 years ago.
Hi Carolyn,

Hope you are okay and thanks for your question.

Essentially Microsoft have a bit of a thing going here where they are very good at not giving you a second product key if you lose the original. That means that you have to go straight back to Microsoft, or another supplier, if you want a new one.

My recommendation would be to go on eBay or Amazon or something similar and look for a refurbished version of Microsoft Windows making sure it has a product key. Alternatively, you could look at OEM (ignore the acronym) but there is a risk that this will either provide reduced functionality (never in my experience), and will 'lock' to the first machine you use it on (always in my experience). So you need to be absolutely sure which PC you are going to use it on (but sounds like you don't have tonnes of them).

That is my experience and what I have discussed with Microsoft in the past. If you want to call them you can call their help centre, details are on their website. And let me know if I'm wrong, but I'm nearly 100% sure I'm not. I guess a bit of charm might swing it, and if you have that with Microsoft, then you don't have to worry about money ever again!

Hope that helps!