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We have installed Windows Server 2012. The first installation

Customer Question

We have installed Windows Server 2012. The first installation went wrong, I used the migration tool export the printers. We re installed windows and then used the migration tool to import the printers. IT did not work the printers were there but not useable. We now have two printers in grey ( do not exist with long numbers as name to ports we have not created) we cannot delete them and the print spooler falls over every few seconds. WE have tried to delete them and the drivers and in the regedit but they will not go and I can only presume this is why the print spooler is dropping out. I am beginning to think my only option is to reinstall windows again which I really do not want to do as all other software has been set up on it. HELP!
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Microsoft
Expert:  GL ITCS replied 4 years ago.


Hi there, Thanks for dropping by. I really hope I can help you out with your IT issues, quickly and efficiently.


As a first action and in order to attempt to remove the printers, do you have an option to right click on the printer and select "Deploy with Group Policy" if so, you should be able to remove the printers - this will be a start for you hopefully, so please try to carry this out and get back to me as to how you get on please.


Another consideration is the drivers. You will need to consider the 64bit print server and if it requires 32bit drivers. I look forward to hearing from you.