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Jess M.
Jess M., Computer Support Specialist
Category: Microsoft
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Experience:  Computer Software Specialist for more than 10 years
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hi, im contacting you for your help please, [email protected]

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hi, im contacting you for your help please, [email protected] i cannot get into this has never happened to me i never had any problem till now, when i sign in it keeps telling me that somebody could be using my email adress, i done everything asked of me to fill in an they keep telling me its not enough, please help me if you can, my email is [email protected] the password XXXXX using is. orangejuice01. this good while an no problem till now, im very down about all of it i cant give them anymore info than i have all ready given, im waiting on emails an i have to send emails but i cant get into my contacts, i would be so so greatful if you can please help me, waiting for your reply.

Kind Regard's
Iris O Sullivan
Hi, welcome and thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am glad to assist you today.

I am very sorry about your email issue. I cannot see the email address that you posted because our system masked it [email protected] for policy reasons.

can you please tell me the domain name part of the email? Is it,,, or others?

Please let me know so that I can help you further.

Best regards,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi jess, thanks a million for your reply its, i got into it this morning once an fingers crossed ill get back in again, the email you were sending me was going to this email that i could not access thats why you did not hear back from me an so sorry about that, im going to sign out of it now an try getting back in which i hope i can.


Kind Regard's


Hi Iris,

Thank you for writing back. I am glad that you were able to sign in to your Hotmail now. Please let me know if you are still able to access the account now. I can then provide you procedures to better protect your computer and your account.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi jess, got it sorted now I had to send them on all the info


I could old passwords friends emails the ones I could remember

My credit card details an the got it sorted for me, thanks

A million for all your help your a brilliant team, I sent on the 32 euro got email thanking me for it thanks again.

Kind Regards


Hi Iris,

Thank you for writing back. I am very glad that your Hotmail account is now restored. I truly understand how frustrating it is to lose access to an email account that you have been using for many years for personal and business correspondence.

I have few friendly advice for you so that this will not happen again. And if will happen again, there are also few simple things that you can do to easily recover your account.

First, the problem that you have encountered, which a message indicated that someone else could have accessed your account, this is due to a common hacker attack. A person or a program is trying to access your account by entering randon guesses for your password. After several tries, Hotmail will trigger its security protocol and no further login is allowed unless the user is verified. Thus, you being the owner, will also require verification.

In order toprevent this from happening again, DO NOT post your email address in any web pages like blogs or forums. Do not enter your email address to online forms unless you personally know the integrity of that site.This will lead to spoofing or some person who picked your email address will then use it to send massive emails on your behalf without knowing it, and without even accessing your email.

For more information on this, please click on this link:

Second, keep your Hotmail security information updated. This includes your recovery email address, your alternate email address and your mobile number. This is important because when your account is hacked, or when you forgot the password, you can easily RESET the account. A reset link will be sent to your alternate email, or a reset code is sent through SMS to your mobile. If these 2 informaiton are out of date, like when the alternate email is the very old ones that is no longer accessible, you will never get the reset link and recovery is critical.

Since you are now able to access your Hotmail, here are the steps to update your security information:

I hope that helped.

Please remember to rate my service positively (3-5 stars/faces) if this helped. Tips are always highly appreciated! Cool

If you need further assistance, please do not rate me negatively. Instead, please reply to me so that I can help you further.

Thank you!

Best regards,
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