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IT Miro
IT Miro, Computer Scientist
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Help! please, My Windows Live Mail has been receiving an

Customer Question

Help! please,

My Windows Live Mail has been receiving an email on my main address for several hours with little progress, but blocking all other activities. Closing the application and PC does not help and the program re-opens the receipt again when started. Any suggestions for unblocking the system?

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Microsoft
Expert:  IT Miro replied 4 years ago.

Hello! I am IT Miro and I will assist you on this question.

To solve the problem you are experiencing, I suggest repairing Windows Live Mail and re-adding your TalkTalk e-mail account.

Here is what to do:

1. Exit Windows Live Mail

2. Click the Windows Start button and then Control Panel. There click on Uninstall a program (or on Programs and Features)

3. It will open a list containing all installed programs on your computer. Locate Windows Live Essentials, right-click it and select Uninstall/Change

4. Select Repair all Windows Live programs

5. When done, restart your computer

6. When the computer restarts, start Windows Live Mail and check if it solved the problem.

If not, you will need to remove current e-mail account from Windows Live Mail and re-add it afterwards.

To remove your current e-mail account, follow these steps:

1. Start Windows Live Mail

2. Locate your e-mail account on the left pane, right-click its name and select Remove account

3. Confirm the removal by clicking Yes

4. Now exit and then re-start Windows Live Mail

5. When re-started, you can now re-add the same e-mail account. To do that, click the Accounts tab and then click on Email button

6. There type your e-mail address, password and display name. After that, click Next and your account should be automatically configured. If there is an error while configuring the account, please click on THIS LINK and follow the instructions to properly set up the account

7. If everything is all right, then just wait until Windows Live Mail re-downloads all your e-mail. This could take several seconds or minutes, depending on the size of your mailbox. When Windows Live Mail finishes synchronization, check if it works with no problem

I hope this helps!

IT Miro