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KamilAnwar1, Office Specialist
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Hi, I have used Microsoft / Windows for a number of years

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I have used Microsoft / Windows for a number of years and currently am running Windows 7 - get my e/m's through Windows Live Mail - have a Skype a/c etc etc. My browser is Firefox.

I've had a Microsoft a/c for a number of years operating on my old e/m address ([email protected]). Recently I've changed ISP and as my old one de-activated my tiscali e/m address, I needed a new one. Decided to get an address ([email protected]) and in setting that up was obliged to open a 2nd Microsoft a/c with different password XXXXX

I have tried to add my new outlook e/m address as an alias to my 1st Microsoft a/c with the intention then to make that primary and the old tiscali address secondary. However the system won't let me saying the outlook address I'm trying to add as an alias is not available - I know, it's mine!!

In the meantime I've copied my address book from Live Mail over to Microsoft 1 (tiscali) successfully but when I try to copy it to Microsoft 2 (outlook), it doesn't populate the details correctly.

Can you help please, I'm pulling my hair out here - and I've not got much in any event!!

Seems to me I need only 1 Microsoft a/c. Do I need to be brave and close Microsoft 2? If I do, will that then let me add my e/m address to Microsoft 1? If it will, can I then make that the primary and relegate the tiscali address to secondary? Are there any dangers here?

Sorry for the length of this screed but I really do need help. Thanks in anticipation.

Bob Perkins
Hello & Welcome to JustAnswer. I'm Kamil and i will do my best to assist you.

Would you like me to connect to your computer and work through each problem step by step while i am on your screen?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes, please


Please click the link below and run the program that is downloaded:

I have resolved the issue via remote support.

Thank you
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