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Joel Kalman
Joel Kalman, Office Software Specilaist
Category: Microsoft
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Experience:  I am a self-employed computer specialist more than 10 years experience working with Microsoft Office computer software.
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I use Word 2010. I want to set up a Style for Heading 3.

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I use Word 2010. I want to set up a Style for Heading 3. However Heading 3 is not available in the inbuilt list of Styles in my computer. If I try to change, for example, Emphasis to Heading 3, the computer tells me that there already is a Heading 3. But it's definitely not there in the Styles window (opened via the small diagonal arrow). I think this must be peculiar to my computer because other people's machines have a Heading 3 visible among the Styles on display

JoelK :

Hello. Thank you for your question. My goal is to provide excellent customer service.

JoelK :

I have Microsoft Office 365, which contains the latest version of Word ( equivalent to Word 2013). I have looked through all the Style sets, and there are none with Heading 3. I know what you are referring to. There definitely was a Heading 3 on earlier versions of Word. I have Word 2000, which has it.

JoelK :

All I can tell you is that it must have been discontinued when the menus were upgraded to ribbons, which I think happened with your version of Word 2010.

JoelK :

I hope that this information helps. Can you tell me how you are able to even try to change, for example, Emphasis to Heading 3, when Heading 3 is not visible or grayed out?

JoelK :

Wait! Reset the above information. I just found Heading 3. It is under the fourth style set, which is named Basic (Stylish). It was not there the first time I looked. I will get back to you with more information, when I discover what I did that revealed it. In the meantime, please answer my question above. It will help me to understand your Word environment.

Customer: Joel - I right clicked on Emphasis. then clicked Modify. Opened Modify Style for Emphasis . Over-typed Emphasis with "Heading 2". Got message: "the style name already exists or is reserved for a built in style". I was unable to alter any settings.
Customer: Joel - following your advice I then opened the Style Sets. I was offered the following to choose from: Default (B & White), Dinstinctive, Elegant, Fancy, Formal, Manuscript, Newsprint, Perspective, Simple, Thatch, Traditional, Word 2003 and Word 2010. I opened all of them by turn, and not one of them offered Heading 3. So: problem still unsolved. Anne
JoelK :


JoelK :

You do not have to go to Design view at all. Just open a document and stay on the Home ribbon menu. Under Styles you will see Normal, Heading 1, Heading 2, Title, Subtitle, etc. Click on Heading 2, and Word will create Heading 3. Click on Heading 3, and Word will create Heading 4, etc., etc., etc.

JoelK :

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