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Hi there This is an excel question Im trying to find a

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Hi there
This is an excel question

I'm trying to find a cash flow percentage for an investment into a house project.
I can work out 'Return on investment' (ROI) = m13/d13 (£100/£50) where m13 is profit and d13 is investment.
Now I need to know what a return on percentage is if the investment is dripped fed through (CFROI). Obviously this will be higher then ROI

To keep things simple I want it to be done by months and split into 5 equal payments (D9 being build months (12 months)).
The first being 10% of investment (day one)
2nd instalment 20%
third 40%
fourth 20%
fifth being 10% (last day of build. D10 months before sale, where D10 is number of months for a sales period (3)).
I hope that makes sense and someone can work it out for me as my brain has mashed up.
Hi there,

I see you have been waiting some time for an answer -
do you still need assistance with this?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

yes please if you can


I have compiled a spreadsheet based on the information you have provided. It assumes the profit is spread evenly over the period.

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