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Waitongu2, Computer Software Engineer
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I want to download some files from an old computer that has

Customer Question

I want to download some files from an old computer that has Windows 98.

It keeps saying that Access is Denied !

How can I change the access or how can I download the files to a R/W CD ?

I want to give the old PC to someone else to practice with.

Many thanks,

Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Microsoft
Expert:  Waitongu2 replied 3 years ago.
it depends on the kind og=f file and if it is currently being accessed. If you are able to go to the computer itself and see if you are able to access the file.

Another tinfg would be if you do not need the file create a new user account and delete your current account. that way the computer will go to the new user without the file.

If you could tell me the kind of file i could see the best way to move it for you. Please let me know.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



OK, now I know the format I can see how the system works.


When I signed up I didn't make any notes not even of the web site but I have now put you into my favourites !


I assume that I am allowed a period of one month and five separaete questions to resolve my queries in respect of the £28 charge ?


I have had another go at the old PC and I note that all the files that I want to move or save are just normal bit map, jpeg or text files.


I can delete them, or save them on to to a small floppy but the larger ones up to say 20 MB (Old Maps) are too big to go on a floppy and I tried to move them to a 700 MB Maxwell R/W CD Disk. It is then that I get the message "Access is Denied" Disk maybe full !


I have looked at the two Maxwell disks on another of my younger PC's that is running on XP and it says that there is one small text file on each and there is 754 MB free on each. The old PC has a CD BURN facility and I did try that and may be that is how the small file is on each disk.


When I checked the the old PC (Windows 98) there are old USB ports at the back that do not seem to be activated ! If I could use these with a memory stick to download any files my problem would mostly be solved.


Can you help.



Kind Regards,















Expert:  Waitongu2 replied 3 years ago.
Hello Tom,
Thats correct.
We have to use a brand new Cd as chances are that once the small text file was burnt on to the disc the program finalized the disk meaning you cannot add any new disk.

Lets make a few step plan of action.

Step 1 Try with new CD and try to write the files again.

Step 2 USB option.

For you to be able to use the USB stick in windows 98 you will need to download and install the USB drivers, reboot the machine and then plug the usb stick and you should be able to move it.

Here are the steps i would follow.

How to Install a USB Flash Drive on Windows 98 Level of difficulty: Easy

USB flash drives and other USB mass storage gadgets have become so important in our lives that it seems almost impossible to live without these in this tech-savvy world. However, if you own a computer that runs on Windows 98, it could spell trouble. The reason for this is because unlike later versions of Windows such as XP and Vista, the Windows 98 Operating System does not have the necessary drivers to run and operate USBs. Luckily, there are ways in which you can install a USB on your Windows 98 PC and enable it to use USB mass storage devices.

Materials Needed:
- Internet connection
- Windows 98 Service Pack
- Windows 98FE Mass Storage Device Drivers
- Windows 98SE Mass Storage Device Drivers
Step 1
Before installing a USB, you should first know what kind of Windows 98 Operating System your PC runs on. Although they look pretty much the same, there are actually two kinds of Windows 98 OS and they both handle USBs differently.
Step 2
On your desktop, right click the 'My Computer' icon and select 'Properties'.
Step 3
On the System Properties window, click on the 'General' tab. Look up the system heading and search the version number. If the version number is 4.10.1998, your computer is running on the original Windows 98 OS or 98FE. However, if the number states 4.10.2222, your OS is the Windows 98 Second Edition or 98SE.
Step 4
If you are using Windows 98FE, download and install the Windows 98 Service Pack first. The service pack can be downloaded from the site http://www.technical-DANGEROUS URL REMOVED. After the computer has completed downloading, run the EXE file and follow the instructions on the screen. Once installation has finished, reboot your computer.
Step 5
After you have installed the required service pack, download the Windows 98FE Mass Storage Device Drivers through this link: http://www.technical-DANGEROUS URL REMOVED. Run the EXE file and follow the instructions as before, and once it has completed, your PC will be able to read USB flash drives.
Step 6
If you are using a PC that runs on Windows 98SE, download the Windows 98SE Mass Storage Device Drivers through the following link: http://www.technical-DANGEROUS URL REMOVED. Install the EXE file after it has completed downloading and follow the instructions on the screen. Make sure that there are no USB drives connected on the computer and that there are no drivers for USB 2.0 controllers. Reboot after completing installation.
Step 7
After the computer has successfully rebooted, it will automatically detect all USB drives that you have created. It is now capable of detecting USB 2.0 drives as well, but if it does not, you will need to reboot again.

Please let me know how these go and we will take it from here.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Unfortunately I have lost the interent connection on the old PC as I was ready to either dump it or pass it on to a friend to play around with but I want those important files first.


However I will try to re-connect to the Internet as I am sure that would be useful to her as well. If I manage to get re-connected I will try to install the USB facility as you have suggested.


Meantime I will buy a new R/W disk as you suggested and try to download the files that I need directly.


Many thanks for your help.


I will revert back to you ASAP.









Expert:  Waitongu2 replied 3 years ago.
Fingers crossed :)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



I couldn't gat a new R/W CD locally and will get one tomorrow in the City (Liverpool)


I haven't been able to try the USB driver issue yet either but maybe we/I are making this more complicated than it should be,


I have an old R/W CD with a lot of various file on that I wrote and saved in 2000. I can open these individual files on my lap top (Windows 7) but when I try to delete them or send them to the re-cycle bin it says access denied.


I then clicked properties of the file or the sub folder and I note it is ticked as a Read Only file. I then un-clicked the R/O and clicked apply.


It then said I needed permission (there was no administrator or similar at the time as I am Self Employed) I then clicked the "Ignore or the Ignore all box) and clicked apply again. It seemed Ok and I thought I had removed the R/O attribute. Tried to delete the file but it didn't give me that option. Tried to drag it to the recycle box and a small (No Entry) sign appeared.


This "Read Only" restriction on these old CD's seems to be at the nub of my problem !!


The particular CD that I am referring to has approx 600 MB of files on it most of which I want to delete and some I want to save ??


Can you help with this one please.




Ps what is the "kind og=f " file that you referred to ??

Expert:  Waitongu2 replied 3 years ago.
Quick question, Could you please check for me if the computers CD drive reads CD/RW or simply contact Disc
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK Simon,


This is what it says :-


48 x 12 x 50 x Just link Just Speed




Compact Disk Re-Writable High Speed


Trust OK.


Unfortunately my partner has had to go early this morning urgently to look after her grand daughter who is ill and she has taken the car with the new recordable disks that I bought yesterday ; so I won't be able to try a new disk !! Such is life !!


Hopefully she will be back this evening if not it will be tomorrow morning/lunch time.


Out of interest where are you located Simon ?


Kind regards,



Expert:  Waitongu2 replied 3 years ago.
Tom that should be just fine. The RW will write cds. I am sorry to hear about your partner and hope her daughter gets better soon.

I am Kenyan but i am based in Atlanta Georgia USA. how about you Tom?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Simon,


I have now got the R/W CD's but guess what; when I opened them it says only for use on Windows XP or later. Didn't say that on the cover !!


I tried them and I could use them on the Lap top but they wouldn't respond on the Win 98 PC !!


I will try to get a new RW CD suitable for Win 98, or I could try to link up the Win 98 PC with the Win XP system. I have now brought them closer together.


I will try again over the weekend. Off out now to see a friend's daughter performing in a Gilbert & Sulivan opera in Manchester.


We live in a place called Formby 13 miles North of Liverpool. We were in Atlanta just last September to see my Daughter who also lives in Atlanta.


I have been to Kenya and did a lot of work in Tanzania.


Kind regards,




Ps My partners daughter is OK and went back to school today.







Expert:  Waitongu2 replied 3 years ago.
Oh wonderful news about the daughter. I will await your results.
enjoy the concert. :)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi again Simon,


It has been a Bank Holiday weekend here and I have had a lot to do so I have not made any further progress.


Will endeavour to get a new CD that is compatible with Win 98.


Playing in a Singles Golf Match this afternoon.


Many thanks,



Expert:  Waitongu2 replied 3 years ago.
Hello Tom

No worries.
Do enjoy the game and I hope you win :)
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Sorry for the delay but I have now resolved my problem. I was away for a week in North Wales playing golf.


I did get the new CD's but they didn't work either.


I eventually called in another IT man and he noticed that I had a zip file drive as well as a small floppy drive fitted to the old PC tower. I never thought of mentioning it to you because I don't have another ZIP drive on anywhere else on my systems.


These ZIP file disks hold 1 MB each so I was able to download all the files I needed on to about 4 or 5 zip files.


When I have finished transferring the files that I need he is going to return and remove the ZIP drive from the old 98 PC tower and re-fit it into the PC that is on XP so I can then re-use the zip files as I need to. He says that this is quite an easy job to do. I hope !


To conclude I thank you very much for your efforts but I now wish to close my account. I consider that you made quite a good effort to help me so I will sign off with a very happy face !!


Many thanks Simon and good luck.


Tom Wood


Ps. I lost my singles golf match on the 18th.




Expert:  Waitongu2 replied 3 years ago.
I am glad to hear that you were able to zip them and move them over. ZIp drives were quite good back in the day :) and dont worry about loosing the game...its the experience. we win some we loose some. :)