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michelleclive, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Microsoft
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Experience:  Indept expertise on MS Office package
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I am using Office 2007. The spell check has stopped working

Customer Question

I am using Office 2007. The spell check has stopped working on Word documents (it still works on PowerPoint etc). I've gone into the settings and it say that spellcheck is on but it still won't work.
Submitted: 3 years ago.
Category: Microsoft
Expert:  michelleclive replied 3 years ago.
michelleclive :

Hi my name is ***** ***** i will be assisting you today.

michelleclive :

Run the office update from windows update manually and then try,

michelleclive :

click on the link and download the office 2007 update from the above link

michelleclive :

let me know if this works.

JACUSTOMER-h2cjyye0- : Hi, I downloaded the update and restarted my computer but the spellcheck is still not working.
michelleclive :

Open styles it is listed on the right-hand side of the Home ribbon; the one you are currently using will highlight (it's probably the one called "Normal"). Right click on the style. Select Modify > Format > Language and then you'll see a check box for "do not check spelling and grammar". Make sure there is no check mark there.

JACUSTOMER-h2cjyye0- : I've done that. The box wasn't checked but it's still not working.
michelleclive :

please try the below

michelleclive :

i would like you to know that you can reopen this chat from just answer email by clicking on view answer

michelleclive :

Close Word. Click on Start | Run | Open and type "regedit" (without the quotation marks).
c. If the key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Shared Tools\Proofing Tools\1.0\Override exists, delete it.
d. Exit the Registry Editor.
e. Restart your computer.

michelleclive :

after reboot open word and check if spell check works or not

michelleclive :

let me know the status once done

JACUSTOMER-h2cjyye0- : There is no 'Overide' in the 1.0 folder
michelleclive :


michelleclive :

since when has this spell check tool stopped working

JACUSTOMER-h2cjyye0- : It hasn't worked for about a month.
michelleclive :

do you ahve the disc for office 2007

JACUSTOMER-h2cjyye0- : No
michelleclive :

how did you install office 2007

michelleclive :

did it come preloadedon your computer

JACUSTOMER-h2cjyye0- : No, it was done at a computer shop.
michelleclive :

well in this case we have 2 options

michelleclive :

eitehr we can restore your computer back by 1 month ...though chances of such a restore suceeding are less

michelleclive :

second option is to reinstall word from office 2007 disc

michelleclive :

so if its possible for you to arrange the disc, i would suggest to uninstall and reinstall word

JACUSTOMER-h2cjyye0- : I'll have to take it to a shop then
michelleclive :

ok..please tell me to only remove and reinstall word and not the entire office 2007 package as rest other applications are working fine

michelleclive :

let me know if you need any further assistance

michelleclive :

post me a message if you have any more questions and i will be happy to answer