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ptorres007, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Microsoft
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Experience:  10 years in the IT industry with certifications.
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How can I make Word appear on the 'open with' menu on my iPad?

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How can I make Word appear on the 'open with' menu on my iPad? I can create new docs with Word but not edit scripts sent to me as email attachments on Word (rtf)
ptorres007 :

Hello and thank you for using JustAnswer my name is ***** ***** I will be helping you with your question today.

ptorres007 :

How many apps are on the open in list?

ptorres007 :

Let me know how many are on the list when you scroll down, if there are 10 already you may need to uninstall some of those that show up on the list because they show up as a first come first on list. However, if there are less than 10 it may be that word isn't programmed to have .rtf as a default document type for the program.

Customer: I've already tried reducing the apps and Word still does not appear
ptorres007 :

How many are on the list currently?

Customer: One moment...
ptorres007 :


Customer: Seven
ptorres007 :

Is it possible for you to uninstall the reinstall Word to bump back to the front of the list

Customer: Ok I will try that. Can you remind me how to uninstall Word? From Desktop or settings? I am not very IT savvy!
ptorres007 :


ptorres007 :

Let me get my ipad really quick to verify.

Customer: I'm in settings/ Word but can't see uninstall as an option
ptorres007 :

Ok, you'll have to hold the word icon on the screen until it starts to shake. Then you can press the red X that comes up to delete.

Customer: Oh right
Customer: Ok done that. So now I download it again from....?
ptorres007 :

App store

Customer: Right
Customer: It didn't say Get so I clicked on the cloud and downward arrow icon. That changed to the square icon but the Word icon does not appear on my desktop so what do I do next?
ptorres007 :

Do not click the square icon, that means to stop, it is still downloading to install

Customer: Doesn't the blue square mean I have acquired Word?
Customer: Where could it be?
Customer: Ah I see. Sorry I am a senior !
ptorres007 :

check your screen, swipe left and right. Try opening a document see if its listed on the open with.

Customer: No it hasn't appeared on desktop yet
ptorres007 :

Has it finished downloading in the App store?

ptorres007 :

In the app store when you search for "word" in the upper right of the box that word appears in, do you see the word "Open" or "Get"?

Customer: No it still does not appear on the open with
ptorres007 :

If there is a blue circle around a blue square it means it is still downloading

Customer: And it's not on the desktop either
ptorres007 :

Check the App store, see if its still downloading

Customer: How long we it take to download? Usually you get a download progress info
ptorres007 :

It takes about 5 minutes depending on your connection speed

Customer: In the App Store, where Word is listed with other apps, they all say GET but Word has the blue square
ptorres007 :

That means its downloading, you should see a thin blue circle around it? Then it starts getting thicker as it downloads

Customer: The blue circle is there and I can see it gets thicker as it downloads. I've learnt something today anyway !
ptorres007 :

Awesome, let me know when it finishes. That blue square goes away and is replaced by the word "Open"

Customer: It's also starting to appear in downloading mode on the desktop
ptorres007 :

Thats a good sign.

Customer: It's about half installed. My connection speed is probably quite slow as I am in St Kitts
ptorres007 :

Ah, I see. Never heard of St. Kitts before, had to look it up.

Customer: Ok it's installed now and appears on the desktop etc but still does not appear on the open with list
ptorres007 :

I am trying to get an rtf on my ipad right now. I have a feeling that its not a default document type for word.

ptorres007 :

It doesn't show up on mine either. It would appear the .rtf file format was not programmed into the Word application to use it as a default. This is why it will not show up, I assumed it would which is why I had you reinstall the program. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to change that listing.

Customer: Right. Well at last I understand more or less why this is happening. Although you haven't solved my problem you have provided the diagnosis.
ptorres007 :

Yes, sorry there wasn't any easy solution for you.

ptorres007 :

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask, otherwise please use the smiley faces below to rate me. Thank you!

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