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WesPCDr, Information Systems Manager
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I have an issue with MS Word 2013, and wonder if you can

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Hi, I have an issue with MS Word 2013, and wonder if you can help me. My organisation has a template which we use instead of headed paper: this has a header and a footer. Under normal circumstances, I want the header and footer to appear only on the first page, with the continuation pages in a document being blank apart from the text I am writing, but I can't get the template to work this way. I have established that I have to tick "different first page" in the header/footer menu, but all the time as I work the document carrier forward a spare page at the end. If I delete this page, it deletes the header and footer!
How can I create a template that has the header and footer ONLY on page one, and no empty last page at the end?

Hi, I’m Wes. I’ll be glad to help with the issue and answer any questions.

Since the design is different for your template, the most effective way to get this done is to copy and paste the header into a brand new Word document and then "tick" the first page header options and copy the original template header and footer and paste into the new document.


Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Right, I have tried that: it seems to work. Thank you very much. If the problem recurs, I suppose your advice is simply to re-create the template from scratch in the same way through a new document.

Yes, as it seems the original template has some incompatiblity issues that cause the header to dissappear insted of working properly when the "tick" is done for the first page header only option. This is the best method going forward.
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