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Last night I received a phone call saying they are the the

Customer Question

Last night I received a phone call saying they are the the Windows Help and Support Centre and gave me his name "Ethan Barrett" He said he was phoning because they had detected a fault with my computer. Alarm bells rang immediately and i hung up. But he was extremely persistant and rang many times even after a long spell of leaving the phone off the hook. In the end i said ok you are very persistant i give you that so go on convince me. I said I had been caught once before by this scam and was not going to get caught again. He said that they had sent an up grade and he went onto say that the scammers would have installed a program on my computer allowing them access at any time and it needs to be removed. He left me i.d. code and a verification number and said he will call back tonight. I am not convinced. for one thing how did he know my phone number. Please advise.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Microsoft
Expert:  John replied 2 years ago.
Hello my name is***** will be assisting you today. I will try my best to help you.Sir from the information you provided this seems like a scam but before jumping to any conclusions let me ask you some questions to make sure we are in the same page.You didn't call them but they called you am i correct?Does your PC have any kind of issues ?Did the person who called you mention what sort of issues your PC is facing?Did he try to sell any kind of programs that will fix the errors and optimize the PC?Did he ask you to download and install any remote access programs and give access to him to fix the issue?Sincerely,John
Customer: replied 2 years ago.


1,Yes he called me. He asked if i was infront of my computer. I said no it is switched off and i was not going to put it on. For one thing I was very busy and did not have time for him.

2, No. I have a laptop in fact there are two laptops in my house . I asked him which one he was interested in he said does not matter as both are accessing the net from the same place.

My laptop sometimes slow booting up but other than that no probs as far as i can see. I think the start up needs cleaning up to many things being included you know what i mean but not the issue here

3,No not specifically just said that i have a serious problem. But how would he know.

4,No there was no sales push

5,No because i was refusing to unpack and switch it on. But i fear he may have if I had switched it on.

Yes I am very much afraid that this is a scam. But as I said he was extremely persistant and rang several times even after a long sepell of leaving the phone off the hook. So i started to think thatb if he was a scammer then he would just move on to someone else. So I thought it worth checking it out with someone first.


Expert:  John replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for all the details.Can you please provide the i.d. code and a verification number he provided so that i can check what it is ?Sincerely,John
Expert:  John replied 2 years ago.
Sir thank you for the details this is scamming to either gain access to your PC then collect the login details by installing key loggers etc. This type of scamming will also be used to sell some applications too. I know you are confused no worries I will explain. What he is trying is to make you believe that your PC have some kind of serious errors and security threats. Once they had convinced you he will ask you to open a specific program and so that he can access the PC. Once he have access to your PC he will run some applications that shows a lot of fake errors and security threats in your PC. Then will tell you pay for the application so that he can fix the issues. To be honest applications like these will do more harm than good and sometimes system ends up crashing. Please do not provide access to your PC unless the tech is from a company you contacted also make sure that company you contacted is genuine by checking multiple reviews.Do not give any kind of your personal or bank details to the person who contacted you.Collect as much details from the person who contacted you like phone number to contact those, Name of the company and the person who contacted you, office address etc. Most likely they won’t provide much details. You can use these details to file a complaint in the local police station also you can report it on the following sites hope you are clear now if not please let me know.if you do not have any further questions please rate positively using the options just below this reply box or above this page select the rating and click on submit that will do it. If you need any help in the future please use this link to ask for me,John
Expert:  John replied 2 years ago.
Sir checking whether you saw my above reply i posted day before yesterday and did it help you?Sincerely,John
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

i did see your confirmation note that it was as I suspected a Scam. He did phone again. I told him I had taken advice and was told he was sacmming. He insisted he was not . I put the phone down and left it off the hook for two hours. Not heard anything since.

Expert:  John replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for the update.Did you ask for his company name,location etc like i mentioned.Is there anything else you like to know?