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I have a BIG problem and am wondering can u help me pls? Last

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I have a BIG problem and am wondering can u help me pls?
Last night, my dad asked me to download some free games from the playstore - which I did using my own Microsoft account as it wouldnt accept his. But this morning he told me he couldn't get into his computer. When I looked at the computer - his lock screen had changed to my Microsoft account details and not his own, I have tried all day trying to get his regular settings back but I just cannot seem to do it. I have tried to add new user account but he loses his important files on the desktop screen - so that doesn't help. i have even tried reinstalling windows 10 and that didnt sort the problem either. I need to change the administrator details back to his own and I cant do it - can you help in any way please?
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Which version of windows are you using?
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

windows 10

What you did was change the user account into a microsoft one for the computer.
Go to Settings, User Accounts and click on Sign in with local account instead and then sign in with the account details he initially had.
Are you then able to get it back?
Please let me know
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

hi richard,

it did work to a degree but he lost all his files on his desktop and some programs in his profram files - ie, his brother label printer doesnt show up on new account but its still in old account. basically it created a new account but we needed to keep the original account. i will be going round to my dads tomorrow and will uninstall windows 10 and then reinstall it again and see if that sorts it.

thats unless you have another idea that would save time please?

thank you

and i have just noticed something VERY strange - i am at my own home and on my own laptop. i am checking my own emails and yet the account has my dads name and not mine - and my dad phoned me this morning and said that he couldnt get into his computer, what is going on??? why has my dads name been linked to my email address??? all because i accidentally clicked yes instead of no- when my dad asked me to install some free games from play store - in the initial problem to start off = surely there is any easier way to sort this out without wasting time of uninstalling just to reinstall all over again.

The thing is i dont have a lot of time as i am a full time carer for my disabled 24 yr old daughter and she has twin girls and is limited to how she can care for them - i do alot and just dont have time to sort this problem out - i am sorry but its 5 am here and the problem with the computers has been going on for a couple of weeks now and its beginning to do my head in i`m afraid xx

i only noticed when i received an email saying thanks for installing windows 10 = i havent installed windows 10 on my laptop - it wont let me reserve it !!! so how can i install something when it wont let me ask for it ??? xx

Please help, Richard, before i reformat both computers or tell the computers to leave by the nearest window - thank you xx

I think you messsed up the setup of the computer.
When you change account then the files remain on the other account, not this one.
If you sign back into the old account, do you see the files there still?