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I want to use a calculated expression as the address

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I want to use a calculated expression as the address for a hyperlink field in Access i.e. the network folder address to hyperlink to is derived from two fields in the database record. Can I do this? If so how is the hyperlink specified? I have tried the following
Files#"M:\"&[PROVIDER_NAME]&" "&[PRCODE]#
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Yes, you just need to wrap it in a #
so for example
To make the hyperlink
Let me know if you have any difficulties please
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Richard - I know how to link to a specified document as in #file://folder/file.doc# What I want to know is whether or not I can 'calculate' the path to hyperlink to using concatenated field values. I have fields called [Provider_Name] and [PRCODE] and I want to hyperlink to a folder which is a combination of those two values in each case. How do I specify the fieldnames in the hyperlink spec? I tried using the following:

Files#"M:\Providers"&[Provider_Name]&" "&[PRcode]#

That doesn't work, obviously

yes, thats why I said this is possible.
So you would just use a combination of text and the fields.
You are not using text for the # *****
So "#file://folder" & [Provider_Name]&" "&[PRcode] & "#"
Your doing
Files#"M:\Providers"&[Provider_Name]&" "&[PRcode]#
With the Files# ***** of the text buildup.
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Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Thanks - that's a help, but I'm not quite there. I'm unclear as to what you mean by "#file://folder"

How do they relate to the constants M:\Providers ?

how do I specify it if I just want the hyperlink text to be the word Files and the address to be M:\[Provider_name] [PRCode]

Should it be

"#fM:\" & [Provider_Name]&" "&[PRcode] & "#"

I am only using the word Folder as I do not know what your actual folder names are, I used the word folder to indicate the place for folder, This was the case for file as wellIf M:\Providers is a constant then thats the folder name to then you would use"#M:\Providers" & [Provider_Name]&" "&[PRcode] & "#"If that gives you a proper pathIn the end you want your path to be correct so eg: M:\Folder\FileBUT starting and ending with a #