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michelleclive, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Microsoft
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Experience:  Indept expertise on MS Office package
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I have just received a 'phone call from a person purporting

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I have just received a 'phone call from a person purporting to be a microsoft engineer.
He tells me that for the last few days my computer has not been responding to m'soft protocols and needs 'fixing'.
On 01 Sep, my machine was showing a defect in my Norton 360 coverage, for which I contacted their Customer Support to deal with.
Post this (very extensive) 'fix', they downloaded Microsoft 10 to my machine, for which I had to change my startup password.
This of course, has eliminated my existing M'soft Account password.
Who is controlling the security on my computer and how do I re-instate a M'soft Account?
Hi my name is ***** ***** I will be the expert working with you today to help resolve the problem you have have contacted preminum tech support service, let me know the problem a bit more in detail. Do you need help if changing your Microsoft account password.Microsoft never calls end user or customer who is using Microsoft products. In a recent twist, scam artists are using the phone to try to break into your computer. They call, claiming to be computer techs associated with well-known companies like Microsoft. They say that they’ve detected viruses or other malware on your computer to trick you into giving them remote access or paying for software you don’t need.These scammers take advantage of your reasonable concerns about viruses and other threats. They know that computer users have heard time and again that it’s important to install security software. But the purpose behind their elaborate scheme isn’t to protect your computer; it’s to make money.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I know about the scams - that is partly the reason that I contacted yourselves.
however, you have not attempted to give me any answer to my question at the bottom of my iniyiating screed.

Please tell me in a bit more details do you want to change the security settings for Microsoft account.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Before I change ANY settings to ANY account, I want to know who is 'controlling' the security of my machine.
If NORTON, then ok, my current machine-password ***** stay.

However, I shall of course require a separate M'Soft Account password.


Windows 10 violates your privacy by default, here's how you can protect yourself.
From the start button, click "Settings" and then click "Privacy" and click the "General" tab on the left sidebar. Under that tab you'll see a few sliders where you can toggle certain features on or off.The top toggle button is the most important as it disables the advertising ID for each user. But, if you want to cover your bases, you should go ahead disable the rest of the options as well.
After turning off the options under the general tab, you can jump down to the next tab down, "Location," and turn off location data for all apps or specific ones. That's not necessarily new to WIndows 10, but it's something that many security-conscious folks like to do.
Next, you'll want to head down to the tab labeled "Speech, inking, and typing." Here you can disable Cortana from gathering information about you by clicking the "Stop getting to know me" button towards the middle of the screen.Keep in mind, clicking this will also disable Cortana and dictation.
Moving on, click the "Other devices" tab at the bottom of the list. Under this tab you'll be able to turn off the "Sync with devices" feature. In the example given by Microsoft, this could be used for connecting with beacons, which are typically used for advertising purposes.If you want to kill this feature, slide the first button to the off position. If you want, you can also turn off syncing for trusted devices as well.
Now, back out to the general settings and click "Network and internet." In that window click "Manage Wi-Fi settings" toward the middle of the screen.
Here you'll be able to customize your setting for the Wi-Fi Sense feature. If you want to keep everything private, click all the sliders until the read "off" and uncheck the boxes on the page. If not, you can select which features to turn off individually.
One of the final security checks you can do is to opt out of the personalized ads while browsing in Microsoft Edge. Click the following link or paste it into your browser: the Xs next to the options to turn off "Personalised ads in this browser" and "Personalised ads wherever I use my Microsoft account."This isn't a comprehensive security checklist, but hopefully it helps you take care of some of the potential privacy issues in Windows 10.
Please read the entire list of pros and cons and let me know if you need any help regarding the security settings.
To create a new Microsoft account clcik on the link below. Let mek know if you have more question feel free to ask,
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Michelle, I have sent two previous replys to yourself,the latter asking a question regarding printing your list of instructions.
However, they do not seem to appear in our dialogue list.
Have you received my replies?

i am sorry i have not received kindly reply back so that i can continue.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Michelle, I am a computer numbscull (not brought-up in the computer age), so require to do things slowly and meticulously.
Your explanation of Windows 10 violating my privacy seems ok.
However, your list of activities that I must do seems a bit long and daunting - I cannot possibly rememmber them if I displace your screen.
Can I print our dialogue, read more thouroughly and then follow instructions in a slower time.
How can I print?

I understand, please dont worry you have everything in your email when you will open your email justanswer mail click on it and click on the view my answer button the entire converstation will reopen again and you can print as well.
let me know if you want me to print it for you i can remotely do it for you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

To your 'remote print' - yes please

There is an optional Remote Connect Service - Quick ResolutionRemote access is an optional additional service offer with a minimal one-time flat fee ($12). It is 100% safe which will allow me directly work on the problem and can be fixed quickly, you can sit back and watch your screen while i fix it for you. Let me know if you need the additional service or else we can continue with the service you have already opted for.let me know if you want to opt for remote assistance
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Remote Assistance please.
What is $12 in GBP?

Remote assistance is an additonal service which is $24 with a flat fee however i have given you a proposed discount of 50%.I can activate the remote session as you agree to it in your email sent for additional service.
michelleclive and 2 other Microsoft Specialists are ready to help you
Join Your Remote Desktop SessionHow Remote Desktop WorksAgree to the Remote Desktop Legal Disclaimer below.The Remote Desktop client file will automatically download to your computer.Open the Remote Desktop client file on your computer and you will be connected to a session with your Expert.After agreeing to the Remote Desktop Legal Disclaimer, you can always download the client again if need be.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

OK Michelle, go ahead.
What is the 'Private Contact Info' required in the box attached to this one?

i have given the remote link above click on it and install Elsinore and let me know when its ready.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Sorry Michelle, I do not understand this reply.
Do I have to type 'Elsinore' into this 'Private Contact Info' box?

Click here once the page opens you will see a green button i agree click on it and install Elsinore.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.

Michelle, I clicked on 'click here', then on 'green' and agreed to download, but all that seems to have happened is that I was asked to 'Save' it - which I did.
(Is this right, I do not want to have it permanently on my computer).

I still have no reply on whether I should type anything in the 'Private Info' box.

It will not be there permanantly in your comuter you can remove it from the add remove programs all you need to do is search elsinore and double click on it to run once it on let me know so that i can connect. This will be a one time session and it will expire once we are done.
Customer Hi this is Michelle Customer i am connected now Customer may i take the mouse control
Guest: Yes please Customer you want me to print out the conversation we are having on the chat session is that correct.
Guest: Yes Please Customer you opted for the remote session to take a printout for you right. Customer ok i will now. Customer please open your email
Guest: message not yet received. I am waiting Customer Please wait i have copied and saved it on your desktop screen. Customer please open and check Customer if you have any question feel free to open the email justanswer and send me a reply. Customer i will get in touch
Guest: I recognise and understand the message.
What do I do with it?
Are you doing change, or me? Customer you aked me for a print out of the steps which i colated and saved it on your desktop . i can make the changes for you however if you prefer to do it your self you will gain more knowledge how to access privacy policy so in future you will be a bit tech savvy, Customer let me know if you want me to do or you will do it,.
Guest: I would like to print-out your instructions to absorb them more slowly an possibly use them sometime in the futre (if necessary).
However, for today, would you please do the 'necessarium' Customer sure i will print it out for you now and woudl do the changes Customer you must have the printed copy now. Customer ok good now let me make the changes.
Guest: yes, the print is completed. Customer Its all done. Customer i will end the remote session and you can remove Elsinore from the add remove programs Customer once i end the session then you can do that as it will not allow when the session is open. Customer let me know if you have any question.
Guest: Thank you Michelle.
I (mostly) followed your progress thro' the changes whilst reading your instructions and all seemed to make sense.
Is the password ***** showing on the 'main' screen my new, or 'old' one?
Is it for M'soft Account login, or 'computer-only' login? Customer let me check that Customer press the windows key and letter L key and release it then you login
Guest: Sorry Michelle, again your message doesn't gel with my brain. Customer sorry about that you will see a windows key on the keyboad between the Ctrn and the Alt on the bottom left hand side of the keyboard. Customer The Ctrl and the Alt key you will see windows key with a windows icon Customer you are signing in to windows account using aol address is that correct
Guest: Michelle, I recognise the keys that I have to press, but when do I need them, for what purpose?
You put-up a screen indicating that mt M'soft account could be accessed via a 'local' password.
Do I use this facility AFTER computer sign-in under a different password? Customer nevermind i have already checked what i wanted you have a non microsoft account however if you want you can create one and sign in with that. Customer let me know if you have any more question.
Guest: What is the 'non-microsoft account' that I have?
Guest: Is this the 'computer-login' that I keep banging-on about? (Don't get angry with my stupidity) Customer you are basicallay logging into windows using your aol email is that correct and that is not microsoft,. Customer so its a non microsoft account used to login to windows.
Guest: It appears so.
Does this affect my security?
If so, I would like to separate them.
I would like the two to be separate. Customer No there is no problem with security issue Microsoft will not collect any personal data now as i have made the changes.
Guest: OK, we will leave 'as-is'.
Thank you for your patience Michelle. Customer No a problem anytime you can ask just keed one of the justanswer email and dont delete it so that you can ask me from there. Customer we will end the session now. Customer you have a good day.
Guest: Thank you.
I shall keep ALL of your e-mails in a new 'Just Answer' file.
Goodbye - bless you. Customer Thank you. Goodbye.