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After updating to windows 10 from 7 when i try to when

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Hi. After updating to windows 10 from 7 when i try to when I open my files they all are all opening in unreadable coding. This is also happening when I download from the web. I hope you can help Dennis
Hello and thank you for choosing thin ki know what is happening, and i think i can tell you how to fix this.But first i need to know what files you are trying to open?Are they Excel files? Are they Word Documents? Are they Pictures, or movies?.If after you upgraded to Windows 10, you might have LOST some programs that OPEN those files..Say for example you have a MS Word document. It has the file extension of .docx and you try to open it, and instead of your computer opening the MS word program to view it, your computer opens WordPad, or Notepad and tries to display it, but can only read the wierd codings.That is what i think has happened to YOU and this computer..But to be 100% sure, i would need to SEE for myself...or you would have to give me more information about the type of file you are trying to open. I need the file extensions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
I think I produced these files using word when I had Windows 7
Well, you need to OPEN up MS word FIRST....THEN you can OPEN the files..But you can check the file extension to be sure.The file extension is the 3 or 4 letters at the very end of a file name. and is preceeded by a DOT.for example, the file extension is in BOLD lettering. The file NAME is ***** ***** NOT bold.MyFirstDocument.doc
Sometimes your computer will HIDE well known file extensions.So you may have to go into the PROPERTIES of the file to check the FILE EXTENSION.
If you would like some faster help......we can do a REMOTE SESSION?That is where i will be able to SEE your screen, and CONTROL your computer to fix the problem you have, and to show you HOW to do things. Like a little learning expereince too.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The files are having problems with are WPS files.
The file format WPS is used by Microsoft Works Word Processor files. These files contain word processing documents created by the Microsoft Works software suite. WPS files contain richly formatted text as well as images, clipart and tables.
If you do not have Microsoft Works installed on your computerIf you have a Works document (.wps) that you want to open and you do not have Works installed, you can still use Word to open the file. To do this, first use the Works 6-9 Converter in Word and then open the document directly in Word.Step 1: Download the Works 6-9 ConverterIf you have previously installed Works on the same computer on which Word is installed, the Works 6-9 Converter is already installed and you can go on to step 2: "Open the Works document in Word."If you have not previously installed Works on your computer, you must download the Works 6-9 Converter in order to open the document in Word. To download the Works 6-9 Converter, follow these steps:If it is open, close Microsoft Word.In your Web browser, visit the following Microsoft Web site: Download. The File Download dialog box opens.In the File Download dialog box, click Save file.Double-click the saved file to start the Works 6-9 Converter installer.Click I accept to accept the terms of the License Agreement, and then follow the instructions to install the Works 6-9 Converter.Note If you do not accept the terms of the License Agreement, the installation cannot continue.Click Install to install the file converter on your computer. The Works 6-9 Converter Setup now extracts the Works 6-9 File Converter and installs it on your computer. You can now open the Works file in Word.Note If the file does not download or is installed incorrectly, you can go to the "Next Steps" section for more help.Step 2: Open the Works document in WordYou can use Word to open a Works document file (.wps), even if the file has not been converted to Word format (.doc) beforehand, by using the Works 6-9 Converter. Follow these steps to open the Works document by using the Works 6-9 Converter:Start Word.In Word 2000, Word 2002 or Word 2003, click the File menu, and then click Open. In Word 2007 or Word 2010, click Microsoft Office Button, and then click Open.In the Open dialog box, follow these steps:Change the Look in box to the location of your Works document.In the Files of type box, click All Files (*.*).Select the Works document (.wps) that you want to open, and then click Open.If the document opens correctly, click File, click Save As, and then change the file type to a Microsoft Word document (.doc).Save the document and you have successfully converted the file to a Word document.Note If the document does not open correctly, or does not open at all, you should go to the "Next Steps" section for more help.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi I am 81 years of age and I'm afraid that I am just not up to this task. I had hoped that there might be a simple answer to my problem. It seems that is not the case. Thank you for your efforts. Dennis.
Im sorry Denise......this is the task at hand to complete your question.However, there is a SIMPLER way to accomplish the task..You can SEND me the WPS files, and i can convert them FOR YOU, and then send them BACK to you, after the conversion is done, and they will work on your computer again.Would you like to do this instead?
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