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chrisaw, DevOps Manager
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Experience:  DevOps Manager with over 10 years experience in the DevOps and IT field.
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I have been asked by Internet Explorer 1 to choose but I am

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I have been asked by Internet Explorer 1 to choose but I am not sure what I have to do and I would like you help as I am not up with modern technology, so if you could help I would be most grateful also I am not sure if I have or should download windows 10
Hope you can help me
Joan Seddon
Hi Joan, I'm guessing what you're talking about here is that Internet Explorer is offering you a list of search engines to choose from. Is that correct? If you could provide some clarification on what Internet Explorer is asking you and what the options are I'd be more than happy to help. As for checking which version of Windows you are running - if you hold the windows key on your keyboard and hit R, then type "winver" (without the quotes) and hit enter it should tell you exactly what version of Windows you are running. If you are not already running Windows 10 you may want to upgrade but it's not necessary to resolve the Internet Explorer concern. Thanks! Christopher
chrisaw and other Microsoft Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have Windows 8
Hi Joan, Let me know when you're available for me to call you and talk through this. Thanks! Christopher
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I am available now as I have appointment at 1.45pm
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Does this mean you will take control of my computer instead of phone call
Hi Joan, Sure, I'm more than happy to do that. In order to get that setup you will need to download the following client: Once that is installed and running you should be joined up to the remote assistance session.
Hi Joan, I'm very sorry for the delay on this - I had some trouble getting the remote assistance client to work properly. I have now resolved this and am connected to your computer and can see the login screen. Once you're back from your appointment we can get started with figuring out the answer to your query. Once again - my most sincere apologies for the delay. This is the first time I've actually used the remote assistance client. Thanks!
Hi again, I'm going to disconnect from your computer now but I'll be available all day today so just let me know when you're back from your appointment and have a few minutes and we'll get to the bottom of this. Again, very sorry for the delay on this. Christopher
Hi Joan, Just to let you know - I'm still available to help with the question you had without any additional cost. Just drop me a quick reply when you're available and we'll get the problem resolved. Thanks!
Hi Joan, Since you have already paid but have not yet received a resolution to your problem - would you prefer that I take a look and try to resolve the problem or would you prefer for me to contact customer support and request they process a refund for your payment? Thanks! Christopher
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Chris, Please will you sort it out, as long as I still get my emails on Microsoft if that's what I need,
also I have Windows 8 what changes do Windows 10 have and will I loose any of my folders or any emails
lets hope you can sort it for me. I normally go through BT to open my internet, but I am not bothered as long as it is easy for me to get Internet. I wait to hear from you
Hi Joan,Great, I'm free to have a look at this now if that works for you? If you could download and install the following I will be able to connect and see your screen: Thanks!
Hi Joan, I noticed you have not yet installed the remote access software. If you would prefer I'm happy to just advise you by text on here if that's easier? If so - could you possibly clarify on your original question - are you being asked by Internet Explorer to choose a default search engine or a replacement browser of some kind? Or is it asking you to change your homepage? If you are happy accessing the Internet via the BT shortcut you mentioned that should continue to work. Regarding your Windows 10 question - you will be able to continue to access the Internet and your email exactly as you do currently. You will not lose any data by choosing to upgrade to Windows 10 and both your email and your folders / files will all remain intact. The upgrade completes in-place and does not erase *any* of your personal data in any way. Thanks! Christopher