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michelleclive, Computer Support Specialist
Category: Microsoft
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Experience:  Indept expertise on MS Office package
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You are asking to put in my product code for

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Dear Sir you are asking for me to put in my product code for some time re office licence however we have been unable to locate p/key number but at long last the key number was underneath the bottom of the computer which we did not realize however parts of the p/key number has worn away and reading it threw a magnifying glass it reads 25 numbers/ letters which appear as rdwxm969t2rfh87rcctprjr2? as the number appears to be partly incorrect we can not enter to go forward can you please help us asap. As we need to open a important pdf file and print it. We purchased the computer and paid the licence fee at the time of purchase approx. 6/8 years ago and it was a Tesco Store, Hereford Belmont, the computer is a Acer Aspire 5532 series m/soft label number is ***** .
Thank you
Hi my name is ***** ***** I will be the expert working with you today to help and resolve the problem you have need to open pdf or word files and excel.Pdf is an adobe productDo you have MS Offfice disk which can be installed?
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
please can you fix for us and surply a new product key number
Microsoft can provide you a new key. Do you have the purchase proof?
michelleclive and other Microsoft Specialists are ready to help you
click here for remote accessin the page that opens click on agreedownload and run the file elsinore screen connect exeallow it to install
click here
Called up customer got remote connected and worked on the issue.
Customer hi michelle this side...i am now connectedmichelleclive: please open your email.. i will check if we have any office subsciption emailmichelleclive: please open your email.. i will check if we have any office subsciption emailmichelleclive: may i check now?Guest: yesmichelleclive: okmichelleclive: I do not see any Microsoft email associated with your email for MS Officemichelleclive: When you purchased MS office was it on a disk?Guest: yesmichelleclive: the product key must be on the cd jacket can you check that and let me know.michelleclive: Please check and let me know.michelleclive: sir are you still there?Guest: yes we are trying to find the disk however i do have box with details on the side and when we think back the store loaded windows 7 on in the store the computer year of manufacture was 2009 computer s/n - lxpgxo2o179530ba4o1601michelleclive: you are providing details of the Windows 7 and computer hardware serial number. We are looking for the MS office disk with the cd jacket pack which has the printed license key.Guest: I understand what i need to find however tesco installed it and insalled in computer we had no disc sorrymichelleclive: you must have purchsed the Office package from someone if you do have the purchse proof then we can call Microsoft and they will send you a new copy of the disk and the product key free of cost.Guest: tesco belmont hereford back in2009michelleclive: If tesco has installed it complimentary then it must be a trail version or have you paid tesco for Ms office package.Guest: we paid them for it ,it was in the price of the computermichelleclive: do you have any purchase invoice or bill for tesco belmont herefordGuest: i may have the credit card purchase however would need time to find it sorrymichelleclive: Take your time i am not going to close this case before you get the product key. Try to contact your bank and then check to whow you made the payment for Ms Office.michelleclive: do you have any idea what version of ms office you hadGuest: windows 7 (r) Home Premium 64-bitmichelleclive: Windows 7 is the operating system and Ms Office is a different package which is not a part of Windows 7Guest: i got that off the box the computer came in and it came with windows 7 loaded alreadymichelleclive: sir i would like to tell you that when you purchase a new computer it comes with basic windows operating system and if it has come up with ms office it must have been a trail version.michelleclive: i can give you a good option for ms officemichelleclive: you can download Open office which can be used as word excel and power point and not outlook for email.michelleclive: and its free.michelleclive: let see if this worksmichelleclive: accepted the key its a generic key.Guest: please can you show me the number so i know itmichelleclive: let me install successfully first.Guest: okmichelleclive: no its not working can i download Office office for you till you get the product key from TescoGuest: what happens if i cannot find or get the key off tescosGuest: i can not loss all the information off this computermichelleclive: it will open all you ms office files in Open office and you can edit and save as well you will not loose any datamichelleclive: is that okay shall i install open office.Guest: yesmichelleclive: okmichelleclive: Installing now.
Customer sir its donemichelleclive: you may check open office it should work fine.Guest: ok thank you for your help sorry for not being up to spead with the computermichelleclive: have a good day i will exit now from the remote screen.