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I have someone named George who says he is from the Windows

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Technical Department and I am a bit concerned. His first call said someone from China was trying to interfere with my system and then he said there was a problem within my system and the third time I was unable to hear him very well but he wanted me to open my pc and would not give me his telephone number so I could call him back. I cannot fund a contact number for Windows to check the validity of this person and am not prepared to do as he asks without first checking that these are bona fide calls. Recently I had a problem and on 17 April I was directed to contact an operator from Cybertris Ltd (Agents name Sourabh) and the problem was quickly resolved and I was told that I now have good protection for my pc. I find this exrtremely worrying and would value your input as to what course of action I should take. Many Thanks, ***** *****
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Hi, welcome and thank you for your question. My name is ***** ***** I am glad to assist you today.Any company or individual who calls you and claims your computer is infected, or has been sending errors, or claims to have any direct affiliation with Microsoft is a SCAM. They are calling you or somehow getting in touch with you to repair your computer, fix errors, or remove viruses. This is a total scam.Chances are good that your computer is running just fine and they will charge hundreds of dollars for services you do not need. Most of them in fact will offer to remotely access your computer to fix the issue when the truth is, they will only install something in your computer to make you DEPENDENT on their support.Please avoid dealing with these companies and inform them that you know they are a scam and that if they continue to call, you'll report them to the local authorities and to the Internet Crime Bureau, which you can file a complaint with here: more information about this so-called “Microsoft Support Scam”, please refer to this link: you already paid, then I would file a dispute with your credit card company. I hope that helped.Please remember to rate my service positively (3-5 stars/faces) if this helped. Tips are always highly appreciated!If you need further assistance, please do not rate me negatively with 1 or 2 faces. Instead, please reply to me so that I can help you further.Thank you!Best regards,Jess