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I have had telephone conversation with someone called Robin

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I have had telephone conversation with someone called Robin James who says he is from your Manchester office 0***-***-****.
He told me that my broadband router has been hacked into and that he can fix it,
He told me that Microsoft are giving away £129.99 as compensation for poor Router security
but it could only be paid by £1000 cheque by sending a £500 money transfer to the
United Arab Emirates. He has put a Faximile of a £1000 Cheque on my Desktop, and i have
paid the money transfer as he blocked me out of my computer until i did. is this a genuine
windows policy or not


The call was not from microsoft. This is a well known scam. Have you paid any money at this time?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
but the post office say i can get a refund

Excellent. You need to get a refund right away. Did they block you from using your computer, is there any kind of password ***** that was never there before showing up?

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I can connect to your computer and have a look to see if any damage was done. I need you to click HERE and follow the instructions to download and run the connection file.

Sorry our connection seemed to have dropped but I have seen enough.

First the call was 100% a scam and you need to get your money back straight away. If they do call again then just hang up do not even speak to them.

Here are a couple of articles you should read.


But if you do a bit of searching around the internet for microsoft phone scam you will see many people who have been victim of this.

Since they did not lock your computer you are in good shape and also I see you have your norton antivirus running which is good.

So as for the computer I would not worry, it has none of the problems they told you that you have. Just make sure you get the money back and hang up immediately if they do call you.

If you need any help again just let me know.