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A person call (sounded Asian Indian) phoned my on Wednesday

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A person call Steve (sounded Asian Indian) phoned my on Wednesday 3rd to say that my computer was infected and would crash if not sorted out. I let him have remote access. He told me I would need a Microsoft certificate which would cost £15 for 5 years. He would order a bank card reader. That came yesterday. He asked if I did online banking, to which I said no. When asked why not I said that I did not believe in it because of hackers. He said he would set up a temporary account which would be cancelled as soon as payment was received. We went through all the details over the phone and first of all £6 was taken off and the a payment for £15. Then he discovered that the certificate was not compatible and refunded my £15. Not only that, he put an extra£2,500 in to my account. The balance showing that was correct. He got into such a panic that I had to go the post office to get a moneygram to transfer the money back to you. However, after a lot of hastel, he said he'd phone me tomorrow morning at 9.30am. When I checked my balance this morning, there was two withdrawals (DPC) - one for £1364 and £1342. The £1342 was refunded. There was no mention of £2500 payment of £15. There is a shortfall of £1343 in my bank account. Why should this be? I really am EXTREMELY annoyed about this.
Assistant: Thank you. Can you provide any more details to help us find you the right Expert?
Customer: The name he gave me was Steve. He gave me details for the moneygram which are as follows: First name ASGAR Second name Garaval. City TBILISI. Country Georgia.


I am very sorry to hear what happened.

This is 100% a scam. This person was not working for Microsoft and Microsoft would never call you for no reason.

This is what is known as "phone phishing" it is can be a very serious problem if you do let them access your computer.

Basically what they will do is call a lot of phone numbers and say that you have problems. Any actual computer problems you have will be entirely coincidental. Usually what they will do is show you the windows error log which always shows a lot of errors but these are normal and on all windows computers, they are not viruses.

Next they log onto your computer and lie to you about the numerous problems they pretend to find. Next they will attempt to get you to pay a few hundred dollars to "fix" the issues when in fact they actually do nothing.

Sometimes they lock people out of their systems and steal their credit cards as well.

Here is what Microsoft says on the subject:​

Always remember, no legitimate tech support company would ever call you. Your computer does not report to Microsoft or any other company so if any tech support person calls you can trust it is a scam and just hang up.

I suggest you contact your bank immediately and tell them you have been a victim of fraud and try to get your money back. If "Steve" does call you again just hang up immediately.

He was most likely located in India and because of this there is little the authorities can do to prosecute. This is a very well known scam and many have fallen victim to it. Here is another article about these types of scams

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