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Lorenz Vauck
Lorenz Vauck, Computer Expert
Category: Microsoft
Satisfied Customers: 1240
Experience:  17 years of experience in fixing problems with DOS, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android & Windows. Just ask me :)
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For no reason Outlook downloaded a duplication of number of

my inbox e mails. I... Show More
my inbox e mails. I have gone through and manually deleted them. Now i cannot send or receive new e mails. I have one in Outbox and 2 as incoming but they are in limbo. Can you advise please. Thanks ***** and . k
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Dear Mr Smith,

thank you very much for your question. My name is***** and I would be happy to help you with your problem. What I would recommend is to do a remote-assistance to look at the problem and fix it, as it sounds like a more complex one. Would you be interested in that? I would then log into your computer and you can lay back and relax while I fix the problem. If you are interested in that, then please accept my offer for the remote-assistance. Then we set up a date for it and I will tell you the instructions how to establish it of course.

If you are not interested and would like to text-chat about the problem rather, just let me know and I will open up your questions for other experts again.

Thank you very much and best regards,

Lorenz Vauck

Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
Will you now contact me with details of when you will want access to my Outlook?

Dear Mr. Smith,

thanks for accepting the offer. Let´s start the remote-assistance if you are ready too? Just download:

Start the AnyDesk.exe and send me the 9-digits number that it shows you in the AnyDesk window. Then I can connect to your PC and you just have to click "Accept" on the incoming connection-request.

Please let me know if you need help with AnyDesk.

Thank you very much,

Lorenz Vauck

Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
I tried to download any desk but my OS X system on my I mac does not support it. Does the mean we cancel my questions and no charges apply, or is there another route?
Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
Dear Lorenz,Can you respond on my reply regarding Any Desk. I need to know urgently if you cannot assist.Many thanks *****

No worries please, there is also a Mac Version of AnyDesk. Please download it here:

Then extract it to your Programs-folder (like when you install any other Mac program) and launch it. It will show you the mentioned 9-digits number and that is the one you tell me here in the chat so that I can connect to you.

Thank you very much,

Lorenz Vauck

Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
Dear Lorenz,I am no computer expert! I have downloaded Any desk. It shows an address of '' which I put in the Any Desk address bar at the top of the screen. I am then asked to give password, but i don't recall having set one up. Help!
Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
PS I download it via my launch pad icon.

Dear Norman,

that´s all right, you are doing this great! Please let me know that exact address of that "" in it´s fully correct spelling (something must be typed wrong in the way you´ve spelled it now), then I should be able to connect.

Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
Dear LorenzMy error - should be [email protected]

OK great, that one is correct. However, it says that AnyDesk is currently not running on your Mac. Can you just start AnyDesk on it and leave it open in the foreground? Thanks so much.

Customer reply replied 1 year ago.
I think I have done that

Dear Norman,

you´ve just closed AnyDesk when you tried to close Outlook, hence I´ve got disconnected from your Mac. Can you please restart AnyDesk and let me know when you´ve done so? Thanks:)

Ahh, I see you are back, good:) Can you just restart AnyDesk so that we can finalize the email problem?

Thanks again for the friendly session and your nice words, I am glad we could fix your problem. Should you ever need me again in the future, you can contact me directly via this link:

Thank you so much and have a nice evening,

Lorenz Vauck