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Russell H.
Russell H., Computer Support Tech
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I changed my password in the week at your request and it

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I changed my password ***** the week at your request and it said it had been completed. Why are you askig me to do this again just 4 days later

Hi, thank you for contacting My name is***** will do my best to provide the right answer to your question.

Was the request to change your password, a notice that arrived as a Text Message? or as an email?

Or as a popup-window that appeared?

I suspect that it was a false notice, or a phishing scam... be sure when 'changing' your password, that you go to the right site, rather than clicking on a suggested link, which is often what such false notifications provide to lead you astray to a fake web page, etc. etc.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
The message was a pop up that my password ***** to be changed

OK... did the popup have a title? i.e. what was at the top of the popup in the "title-bar" ?

And when did the popup appear? while you were browsing the internet?

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
No title bar just a black box that said "Your Hotmail account settings are out of date" It just popped up again
Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I was working on something using the Internet but not browsing

Can you do an Shift-PrtScn, then open Paint, and Ctrl-V or Paste an image of that popup into your Paint program, then save that to a file, then attach that file (using the ADD+ button) to your Reply? that would help me be sure that it is indeed what I think it is.

Customer: replied 9 months ago.
Sorry it doesn't stay on the screen long enough to be able to do that. It appears and catches my eye and then disappears again

If you cannot, no matter. "Hotmail settings out of date" - that's possibly a bogus popup generated by adware or malware on your computer, or just inserted from a web page perhaps.

If it does not say 'Action Center' at the top or anywhere on it, I would disregard it. Esp. if it disappears like that! and if it doesn't appear at the lower right where Action Center stuff appears.

No, it's bogus, I would say.

The only worry is: Are your Security utilities good enough to keep this sort of bogus message at bay? I don't get bogus messages on my computer(s), myself. Go to

Control Panel

and search (search box at upper right) for

Security Status

then run Check Security Status when it is found... and click once on the down-pointing arrow next to


in that window... what Firewall is listed there? what anti-virus is listed there? please let me know, so that I can advise you further, if you feel such advice would help you in future.

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Additionally: this problem popped up on a lot of people's Nokia phones last year. If you have Outlook, if that's how you access your Hotmail, this fix was recommended by a lot of people as a fix for the popup informing you that your settings are out of date:

1. Set the date manually to 2018 (Settings -> Time & Language -> Date & Time) and save it.

2. Go to your mail app and sync the Outlook account (should be syncing with no issues).

3. Go back and set the time and date to update automatically (or set it yourself to whatever you'd like).

I don't know if that's applicable to your Windows PC - if you access hotmail at, it probably isn't. But if it is accessed through the Outlook program, this might help!

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Customer: replied 9 months ago.
I followed your instructions and this is what I found
1. Windows Firewall.
2. Windows Defender.
and All Internet Security setting are set to their recommended levels.
Does this mean I can ignore any further messages.
Thank you for your help. It will certainly be 5 stars

Thank you for the favorable 5-star rating! that is much appreciated.

And unfortunately, I think you need a good anti-virus on your machine. Windows Defender can find some problems, but is not a good anti-virus for the long term. That may explain why popups have been bothering you... I recommend that you get

the Avast Anti-virus program. Download it to your computer, install it,

then Update it.

Then run a Deep Scan... which will take some time, possibly overnight. That should take care of your future problems of this sort!

Thank you for asking your question here at, and please have a good day!