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Category: Microsoft
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Experience:  James has experience providing 3rd lines support for a range of office apps, from 2000 to 2013, including project and visio.
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I am working in a large enterprise. We have frequent

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Hi,I am working in a large enterprise.
We have frequent requirements to bring specific software up to date on large numbers specific PCs.
We currently "push" these updates. This is not successful because:it takes engineers time
PCs are often offline
Our user base often use wireless devices for connectivity
Software is ofteh already up todate
Accurate identification of the machines can be problematicI want to explore a different option. Notifying the user there is a download for them and giving them the instructions to do so.This is a "pull" option.In my thinking the user will be notified and will trigger a process on an enterprice Apps server.
The process will connect to the user PC, check the software needs updating, will take admin rights and will deploy the package.The process will ensure the connection to the PC is strong enough for the process.
If the software is for specific users or machines, the process will validate this.Do you have anything like this?
There are a number of Microsoft products, which will download in the background once the package is downloaded it then installs like windows updates.
How you package up the application update would determine if the user was notified, and at what point the install was done, for example only when the VPN was up or when there the application was not open.
Have you looked as Microsoft SMS (update management software)?
Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Hi James. Thanks for the reply. Can SMS be triggered by the pc user. Can it check the user is entitled to get the software

Yes it’s rule based and runs locally on eac maccine querying the central server.

You normally add workstations or users to specific ad groups and then say if in this group check for updates or get this update. So the checking for updates is automatic but the users can opt to install it or wait, for instance when they are needing to use the app, and not in a position to stop what they are doing for an update to complete.

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Hi James. Again thanks for your response. However the key point for us is that the user triggers the update. This allows them the discression on when to upload as the often are not on the lan. Also it pits the onus and responsibility on the user and project manager to distribute the updates

Right but you can use SMS (now known as SCCM) to notify the user there is an update waiting which they are entitled to. You could give the PM rifts to ad groups so when they have a new package they can drop users or workstations into the group which advertises the new update uto the user base, but require a user to opt in to install the update rather than make it mandatory which means it sonlyy installs did the users asks for it.

Hi Ive not heard back from you do you still require assistance?

Customer: replied 10 months ago.
Hi James. Thank you for your feedback. Your advice corresponds to that given by our in house technical staff. The suggestions fall short of my requirements. I want the trigger to receive software updates to be a user responsibilty. In effect the user must "pull" the software. I will devise a solution where the user request will convey their machine name and the requested software to a reserved server. A periodic script with pc admin rights will pick up the parameters and distribute the software to the requesting pcs. A bit Heath Robinson but it flips the responsibilites to have software delivered in a profound manner.Thanks again for your help

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