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L 200 4wd vacume solinodes no live feed green light flashing

Customer Question

L 200 4wd vacume solinodes no live feed green light flashing 2000 w reg
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Greg replied 4 years ago.
Hi .

Check that you have not damaged or pulled a wire from the 4wd ecu (blue box) which is located just below the radio opening. this normally happens when the radio was replaced or taken out for repair .

Front differential automatic disconnect is not engaging /dis-engaging when you select/deselect 4x4 drive.

Causes are:

  • Front differential sensor switch is damaged or faulty
  • actuator rod/shaft jammed / seized (perhaps sand/mud/dirt)
  • vacuum lines leak/popped off fittings
  • vacuum solenoid valves (2no.) either maybe faulty
  • electrical wiring connection issue (ecu/solenoids/switch)
  • combination of the above
  • 4WD ECU (electronic control unit)

The problem you have is normally due to the 4X4 never being used or not used very often.


Check the sensor ,this is also a problem area due to not being used .

Check the Vacuum switching valves that the vacuum hoses are correctly connected and not damaged .



Need further assistance then please get back to me .


Rgds Greg