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mike_a_mechanic, Mitsubishi Mechanic
Category: Mitsubishi
Satisfied Customers: 51
Experience:  17 years experience as a auto mechanic, foreign and domestic.5 years running my own repair business.
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I am trying to replace a solenoid on my 1995 pajero (import)

Customer Question

I am trying to replace a solenoid on my 1995 pajero (import) but am having problems trying to trace a supplier that recognises the part ( there is no number). I have sent pictures of the part which came off the engine but one of the agents has asked for pics of the other half.I am now totally confused as I can't find another half! can you advise please?
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Robert replied 4 years ago.



Maybe i can help..


Can you upload pictures here of the mentioned part here if possible?


Where exactly did this solenoid come from within the engine bay?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

In the 6 hours it has taken for you to respond, only to ask for more information I have managed to track down the part myself. It should have been obvious as soon as you read my query that you didn't have enough information and I expected a response within the hour as your web page suggests. I am dissatisfied with this service and will be requesting a full refund.