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Hi all. I have had my Mits Paj 2,8 manual for 13 years, she

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Hi all. I have had my Mits Paj 2,8 manual for 13 years, she is still brilliant. But this problem is getting progressively worse. She will start fine and then a mile from home loses power and just stops. A fuel or air problem. I know. You can feel it starting and it doesnt matter what you try, out of gear, or put your foot down or blip it. After turning over for longer than normal as if empty she will start and run, only to repeat this in 1 -2 miles. Once warm she will be fine for a few days. We used to change fuel filters to rectify this, and then I replaced the filter housing with a new one as we thought that was were air was getting in, but it made no difference. I've had the fuel tank out too and that is all good. I cant understand what is causing this intermitant fuel starvation problem and stalling. Any ideas out there?? Cheers
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Check the injector pump strainer filter this is the main hose that goes to the injection pump from the filter you will see the tube is with a flow bolt remove this and check the strainer ,this could well be your problem .

Need further assistance then please get back to me .

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Rgds Greg
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Greg. My first chance to try your suggestion and work on the car today.
There is no strainer filter on the filter housing to fuel pump pipe.
While I was there I check all the pipes i could for blockages including all the breather pipes just in case.
The Problem still persists.
Any more suggestions?

Regards Felix
Hi Felix .

When she stalls the next time remove the filter carefully and let me how much fuel is in the filter .

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi Greg Sorry for long time between my responses. It was not really practicle for me to try your suggestion on the road in a broken down situation as to access filter I have to remove one of the batteries etc.

However problem is now solved. It turns out that the problem is the Fuel Pump itself. After all it is nearly 20 years old. The rubber seals in the pump go hard over the years and especially when cold air will seep into the pump. It causes all the same problems as above. Worse it also allowed the main drive shaft into the pump to let deisel fuel into the engine oil and vice versa. I took the car to Auto Marine deisel fuel pump specialists in Hove for them to completelty overhaul the pump. A bit expensive but well worth it. All running problems have now gone 2 months on and engine once, oil removed, flushed and replaced with new oil is purring better than ever with more power. Thanks for you help, but it needed a bit more than me tinkering with it. Hope this post helps anyone else out there with the same issues. Cheers Felix

Hi Felix.

Thank you for the great reply .

Yes this is a true fact that you have reported ,like you said 20 years is a long time for rubber and plastic materials .same go for the coolant hoses ,take a good look and replace all if needed,

Thanks again Felix wish you all the best with the future .

Kindest regards Greg