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Jake, Mitsubishi Mechanic
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2013shogun sg3. Front discs very badly corroded, pads gone.

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2013shogun sg3. Front discs very badly corroded, pads gone. Car used daily and kept in friendly conditions. Not covered by warranty! Why?
Pads and rotors are considered a general maintenance item. There wear and tear depends on driving habits and conditions.

The only reason they will warranty brakes if there is a manufacturer defect like a crack in the rotor.

But if you have really low miles and they are already worn, either someone is braking way to much or too hard, or hauling very heavy loads. If not the case better have the calipers checked to make sure they are not sticking, because if the calipers are at fault then they will also warrant the pads and rotors.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Jake,

Thanks for helping.Car driven sedately, no unusual loads.Just very heavy corrosion after 2 years. Surely not normal?



Good day Bill.


with both the pads and rotors worn out, your only likely argument would be if the calipers were sticking and overheating the brakes.


Otherwise a worn bad and rotor is going to leave the inclination that they were used for their normal purpose and wore out accordinly. A maintenance item does not have a specific "wear life". It's like tires, weight and driving habits ect can make a 50,000 miles tire last 10,000 miles.


You woul dhave to prove a defect, mere time and mileage will not justify a warranty claim on this unfortunately.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Jake,

Just to let you know that Mitsubishi have now agreed to provide the discs and pads free of charge.The garage has also waived their charges!

Charity or what? I will let you guess.



That is fantastic, sometimes persistence pays off!
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