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Greg, All import japan models
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My Mitsubishi Colt automatic started to judder 2 weeks ago

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My Mitsubishi Colt automatic started to judder 2 weeks ago and then broke down as gears would not engage. My dealer did a diagnostic check, said the problem was sorted and charged me £95 +vat, also did a service and the car also passed MOT which was due-total cost £320!! The garage had my car for a week and only 2 days after collecting, the juddering started again and had done it for several days. I did not consider it safe to drive and it is now back with my Mitsubishi DEALER who I have used for years. They now inform me that 5 fault codes are showing up and they are 98% sure the clutch is sticking on the actuator.They say they need to strip the gearbox and replace the 3 part clutch which is going to cost me a massive £1,140 which is their latest estimate. I previously had a COLT JUNE 07 REG which I had for 6 years with no trouble whatsover until some idiot smashed into me 12 months ago and caused my car to be written-off. I bought my present colt from a different garage just over 12 months ago-it is 2 years younger,SEPT 59 REG and has only done 26,000 miles-I use it mainly for local motoring and the furthest I have driven in one trip is only 40 miles-I have only done 6000 miles since buying it. I would have thought a clutch system would last a lot longer than 26,000 miles and am very worried about this large bill that I now face and will have to find a kind relative to help me. Surely Mitsubishi should design their cars to last a bit longer than this. Your thoughts would be much appreciated. Regards, ***** ***** Manchester *****@******.***

Hello Robert,
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Shantal, Thanks for your reply. I still need some advice from one of your experts and am happy to wait for another reply.

Regards, Robert.

Hello Robert,
Thank you for getting back to me. We will continue to look for a Professional to assist you.
However, should you wish to close your question and reverse your charges at any time please let me know.
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Hi Robert .

Please post me the 5 malfunction codes .

Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Greg, Sorry for delay in responding. I have today got my Colt back from my dealer after repairs-Still trying to recover from the shock of a massive £1.140 bill. !! £490 of this is for parts and the rest £650 seems to be the labour charge which I think is quite excessive.

On my invoice there are just 4 fault codes showing as follows:- p1842, p1710, p1705-clutch sticking, and p1830-actuator and drum fault. Hope this info is sufficient to complete your investigations for me, as I would obviously value your second opinion. Regards, Robert.

Looks like you where having shioft fork problems.

You had abnormal shift fork movement which means a posible shift fork issue or a sensor problem , if they had the transmission out, then they repaired the shift fork, if not then they adjusted or repired /replace sensors.

P1705 Shift actuator

Now saying this the P1705 can cause all this .

Price sounds about right ,complicated piece of machinary these transmission .

If you need further assistance with this issue then please let me, get back to me with the reply button and not the poor or bad service, this way i can get back to you or suggest another expert if needed.

Kind regards Greg
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Greg, Thanks for the info. I am hopping mad at the moment-the dealers assured me that everything was now OK and indeed they took my car on a*****test after the repairs and said there was no problem. After delivery back this morning I drove to my local barber's shop for haircut-about half a mile in each direction-no problem. Then this evening I drove about 2 miles to my evening job, and as I was parking up, the orange diagnostic light came on and the auto display on the dashboard went off briefly, as it had done before. On returning to my car about 2 hours later the light was still on and the car juddered again for about a minute-thankfully I got it home without further difficulty although the orange light stayed on all the way.. Having just spent over £1,100 I did not expect this to happen the same day the car was returned after the garage having it for over a week!!! I will be expressing my annoyance with the dealership in the morning and certainly do not want to be paying out more money for something that has still not been fully rectified. Your further comments would be appreciated as I am very rapidly losing confidence with Mitsubishi!!!

Regards, Robert.

Hi Robert

No this is a shops worse nightmare when this happens , but they will have to take all this into account and fix this issue ,and with it being the first day you got the car back this puts you in full warranty of the repair .

Please let me know what happens .

Rgds Greg
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Hi Greg,

Sorry for the delay in replying. My dealer confirmed that when the car went back for the 3rd time, they discovered that the actuator was now showing as faulty-following my complaints to Head Office, Mitsubishi supplied a new one free of charge and the garage agreed to fit it for free which in all was a saving of £197 + VAT + labour.

In view of all my problems Head Office also agreed to discount the parts cost for the previous repair and now my dealership have also refunded me £230, which has helped to relieve my annoyance a little. The Service Manager says that I have been extremely unlucky and the majority of Colts are very reliable. I have now come to the conclusion that possibly cars with a semi-automatic system are not as good a purchase as those with fully automatic systems-would you agree??

My vehicle was delivered back to me last Monday, and thankfully at last it is behaving itself. I would like to thank you for your assistance and will be rating your help as "Excellent" very shortly.

Kind Regards, Robert.

Hi Robert .

The semi-automatic system are not what they make out to be .
Personally i don't like them .
But i'm sure with later years of development they will be good as any other .
As far as i know this is not yet used in the USA??
So yes Robert i totally agree with you on this issue

I'm glade you went though with what you did to get this sorted out . as many would just say #$%^ and seel the car with a great loss so great work on your behalf Wink

Wish you all the best Robert, and thank you for using justanswer .

Kindest regards Greg
Greg, All import japan models
Category: Mitsubishi
Satisfied Customers: 8418
Experience: All Japan made models
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