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Jake, Mitsubishi Mechanic
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Experience:  Experienced collision repair technician, Pulaski Tech graduate and DSM hobbyist.
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I have a Mitsubishi Galant 2.5 v6 sport 2001 and have

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Hi I have a Mitsubishi Galant 2.5 v6 sport 2001 and have been having miss/hesitation problems which seem to be getting progressively worse. I have had plugs ,leads, distributor,o2 sensors, numerous gaskets changed (possible leaks) and also fuel filter. It was suggested by the last garage that looked at my car and who cleared fault codes that it may be 1 of 4 things fuel filter(which they changed - slight improvement but did not last),fuel pump, O2 sensors (I had previously had these changed by another garage fault code for random missfire) or maf sensor.
On Friday evening I replaced my maf sensor for a previously used one along with a new air filter.The car started and drove with no miss/hesitation however idled at around 2000rpm and also appeared to be hunting. On Saturday morning the car seemed difficult to start but then idled at around 1000 rpm for 2 or 3 minutes and then completely shut down. It does restart but the idling is eratic. I have tried driiving it at this stage and there appears to be a slight hint of hesitation. Do I need to reset ecu or should I replace the old maf sensor which I removed and be happy it at least runs ok albeit with some hesitation (need the car for work). The car has 92000 miles on clock. Sorry about the length of my message, hope you can help, Dave
Dave, any chance you could get me the fuel trim readings? do you have a code reader that has live data? I am looking for STFT or ALPHA readings. let me know please.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thanks for the reply Jake.
I don't have a reader but I might be able to get some readings. I know a couple of friends who have code readers but not sure if they show live data.
I will let you know if I can.
Thanks for your help, Dave
Dave if we can get some readings with the engine warmed up, that would be are best starting point. Then we can get an idea if there are any fueling issues, either from an air leak or the MAF and go from there.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Ok Jake, I will let you know any results.
Thanks again, Dave
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Jake. Spoken to a local garage today they are going to take the readings tomorrow. Haven't used this garage before but they are in agreement with what you have suggested and appear to be keen to follow things up. I'll see what they come up with and let you know if needs be. I'd like to thank you for your help in the meantime. Dave
Hey Dave i will be here whenever your ready. thanks for following up with me.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Jake. Great news the garage have found an air leak that I missed. They have managed to fix it and the car is running great. Not sure how the other garages missed it ( one of which was the main dealer ). I feel a bit guilty as it seems I have wasted your time but I am very grateful for your help because it allowed me to point the garage in the right direction by letting them know your thoughts. If that's OK I'll close the call and give you an excellent rating.If in the future I need any further help I will be sure to contact you. Many many thanks Dave
Dave, that's good news and the reason I like to start with fuel trim readings. All you need to do now if leave me a kind rating, if you have further concerns later just ask! thanks.
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