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2009 Grandis and connectivity

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I have a UK-spec 2009 Grandis 2.0 DI-D with built-in radio/CD player.

I want to play music from playlists on iPhone.

Either I can buy from SG Petch the BlueConnect Bluetooth kit, but there are no installation instructions, and I am certain that Blueconnect is not compatible with my iPhone 6S.

Better still can I direct-access the CD-autochanger connectivity and connect up iPhone?

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.

I haven't found my answer yet, no.

Early on in this process, I was on the line with an expert called Greg, but I lost touch with him when I had login problems - he has had experience of this car before, and I was hoping he could help.

Please keep trying

Hi, On this model there isn't any bluetooth factory option so you will be relying on something third party to get the job done. The CD changer cable connected IPod adapter does not show up as compatible on this model. I do not show a compatible version of the SG Petch devices either for this year/model.If you are OK with direct connection the easiest approach here would be to use a FM modulator system. These are either hard wired in behind the radio or there are some newer (though less reliable) ones that just plug in to the accessory outlet. The purpose of these is to emit a strong FM signal that is "Broadcasting" the auxiliary devices audio (iPod) and the radio can pick it up on the FM band selected. You will need to be sure to get one in your region if you are using even decimal FM bands (like Japan uses); while these are plentiful in the US for dirt cheap, they are all odd-decimal stations. If you get the wrong one for your region you won't be able to pick up a clear signal.Again the traditional wires in behind the radio; the radio is removed and the FM modulator has a power and ground wire to hook up, then a loop antenna that goes in between the actual antenna and the antenna jack on the radio. This provides the strongest signal interception of course. The newer wireless ones just plug into the accessory outlet for power and ground and do not use an antenna loop, so the signal is not as strong (not a problem, you just need to be sure to select a frequency that does not have any local broadcasts nearby).
Doug C., ASE Certified Technician
Category: Mitsubishi
Satisfied Customers: 8659
Experience: Mitsubishi trained and employeed technician
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Customer: replied 1 year ago.

Mitsubishi offered Blueconnect Bluetooth as an option when car was was rolled out in the UK, but they no longer offer a fitting service.

The kit I have seen on SG Petch website is the right one for my car, but I cannot find installation instructions.

The FM think won't work in UK - too many stations especially in the South of England where we are.

How is the radio removed?

Hi,I have only ever seen ASX supported by the SGP stuff... if they say they have one that works though that is certainly sufficient (who would know better than they do).With regard to the FM Modulator... if you use one of the hard wired ones that goes in between the antenna and the radio then the station quantity in the area is not too big of a deal as it will overpower anything other than the very local stations (broadcasting within 10km or so). If you find any decimal that doesn't have an active station on it (bleed over from the next decimal up is OK), it will work. The wireless ones though are not that strong.Regarding the radio access... if you have the single DIN radio just above the shifter you should be able to get to it with just popping the panels off. The shifter surround then the radio AC surround. If you have the upgrade radio (buttons only below, integrated into the panel, large display up top) it should be similar, however I will need to check the diagram to be certain later this evening (we didn't get that layout in my market).
Customer: replied 1 year ago.

If I could figure out how to insert a picture from file of mine, I would. Sorry.

My Grandis comes with the built-in upgrade radio/CD player. The player has no aux but plays MP3 CDs, and also has a facility for an optional CD autochanger, which is where I imagined making the direct connection if I could find the port for it - I imagine 13-pin connector . If that connection is doable, like Grom USB3, it makes more sense than FM modulater to me.

With the upgrade system you will need to pop the shifter surround panel off first (it just pops off) and then the big radio/ac/display panel will have two screws on the bottom that were obscured by the shifter panel. Once those are removed the whole radio/display panel will pop off the dash.The upgrade radio with the knobs/buttons integrated into the panel should come off as part of the panel, attached from behind as far as I can see from the illustration, then you can access the changer DIN plug.Again I am not aware of any add-on options for this model.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.


Ok, I deffo don't want FM Modulator now....

With the radio on, a neighbour of mine suggested pressing and holding CD button for a couple of seconds. I did, and AUX came on info screen, so I know there's a facility for it. So, I took off the gearstick panel and the radio/CD panel. Thanks for that heads-up.

The head unit is a Mitsubishi Electric DY-1ME8U4-T, s/n 8701A117. I answered at least one query I had by looking at the back of the unit - although there is a factory option for a 10-disc CD autochanger on my Elegance model (standard on the Warrior model in UK), it hasn't been taken up. But there is an empty 13-pin aux port. So I can do 13-pin DIN to headphone jack for starters...or, l need is something like this, I guess:

or this:

or this:

Again we didn't see the upgrade radio here, only the standard DIN radio so I can't speak to the compatibility with the CD changer socket... my primary concern though would be why they don't list the genuine Mitsubishi iPod adapter (That plugs into the CD changer socket) as compatible on this model.Let me ask you this... on the back of the radio, do you have a 14 pin (two rows of 7 pins each) connector? If you do, looking at the connector as it is plugged into the radio is the bottom row, left three pins vacant?