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Doug C.
Doug C., ASE Certified Technician
Category: Mitsubishi
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Experience:  Mitsubishi trained and employeed technician
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I am based in London, have a 2003 shogun classic 3.2 diesel,

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Hi Doug, I am based in London, have a 2003 shogun classic 3.2 diesel, the local Mitsi dealership have diagnosed a need to replace the whole hydraulic brake booster unit at a cost of some £3k (which is more than the car is worth), is there any more cost-effective option?
Thanks in anticipation,

Hi Mel,

Unfortunately there are not a lot of options here apart from replacement. Because of the cost of this part, it can sometimes exceed the value of the truck of it is not in the best condition otherwise.
A traditional booster will not bolt up to this vehicle firewall/hydraulic system without massive modification, and even at that there isn't anything tuned to work with the weight of this vehicle, plus since the anti lock functions are built into the HBB that is all lost too. Basically... it takes a massive amount of customization to make the vehicle stop poorly and have warning lights/buzzers going off. It isn't realistic to convert.
That said.... the price they offer is pretty high at £3k. If you have a US cross over part (2003 is highly likely), the US HBBs run in the $1400-1700USD price range, can be bought at discounts, and with the exchange rate would bring quite a bit of savings. If you have your chassis number/VIN I may be able to cross it over for you and confirm 100% or not if that is an option. Once the expensive part is out of the way, installation is about a 2 hour job, so you should be in for roughly 1/2 the price if that works out.
The only alternative beyond that would be if the failure is the pump motor itself rather than the HBB ecu or pressure sensor... the pump is the only serviceable part (That otherwise justifies HBB replacement) on there which is about 40% of the cost of an HBB. I normally do not recommend replacing the pump though, as these pressure sensors and ecus aree super common to fail, and if it is just a pump failure that will be a colossal waste of funds if the ecu ends up going bad 6 months later. If the vehicle is worth keeping, it is worth doing the HBB when the pump is deemed faulty. It sounds like they already condemned the HBB unit anyway, but they may feel the same way I do about them (and recommend a HBB when the pump fails).

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thanks Doug. my vin/ chassis number is ***** I guess the part is not light so getting it over here might cost plus whatever duty is slapped on, but if you can send me the weight of the item i can work that out.i have just checked the value of these cars over here and they are still £4k (which is more than i bought this one for 2 years ago), so if i could pick up the part from usa i might consider repairing it. i am in fact in usa from July 22nd until Auhust 15th (New York and California) so might be able to pick the part up myself.Look forward to hearing from you Doug.


Thanks for the VIN... I will not have access to my international database for a few hours (while at Mitsubishi I can only look up domestic parts, but evenings/weekends I have international access). When I get out of the shop I will check this evening and get back with you.

As for weight... from memory they are about 15lbs, so no light shipping, however I do have a dealer I work with here that ships internationally for pretty good rates if your trip abroad doesn't work out too.
I'll post back this evening, around 8-9 hours from now.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thanks Doug, much appreciated.

You're welcome

Thanks for your patience. For JMALYV78W3J000123 your original equipment HBB was MR977461 which supersedes to MN116391. This is the same HBB used in USDM Monteros from 2001-2002 luckily.
This means you can definitely save some scratch buying here... unless they are charging you like 20 hours to change that thing or something, the 4k price they have on there has that HBB probably double list price.
US List Price for MN116391 is $1636.20, and you can order online from Mentor Mitsubishi for a discount bringing it down to $1489.03. Mentor is usually 25% off across the board but they seem to have deviated from that on this item... so there may be cheaper sites out there too.

Even so, at $1489... I'm guessing that should be around £1200 or so. Figure in 2-3 hours in labor you should be around £1500 plus taxes going that route, much better than £4k!

This unit is currently stocked in all of our US warehouses so ordering will not be a problem... it will just take 2-3 days (depending on when it is ordered) to ship from the warehouse to the selling dealer.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
thank you Doug, that is great! I think I will order when I get over there, is Mentor who you work for? the dealership is only charging couple hours to fit,its just the part cost, but unfortnately manufacturers are a rip off over here as parts are controlled by their dealerships.Doug, really appreciate your help, your a good man,regards,Mel (Mr just in case you were wondering!).
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
sorry doug, just found a second hand one for $300 (£250), seller with good record, have attached a copy, would you recognise it?

Hi Mel,

It certainly looks just like it, however unfortunately the only real distinguishing difference is the accumulator on them (The round portion off to the side). Very early ones have a spherical accumulator and later have the cylindrical accumulator. Both your photographed one and the one that it should take have the cylindrical, so that is good.... beyond that however, it is anyones guess if it is correct. On your photo you have the correct number for the part as the file name... was that your doing or was the seller advertising it as such? If advertised as such, then you should be fine provided of course they are correct. If you named it that and they just sold it by year/model, then we would really prefer to VIN check it to verify the part number.
The key difference would be the M-ASC versus TCL versus regular ABS in the ecu. If you have a VIN I can check the donor part to see if it matches (again, this evening if it is a non US market donor).

For $300... It is certainly worth rolling the dice, no doubt. I lay no blame on that decision :) For the long term a new one is probably a better option (since these all fail eventually), but there is a good chance you could get a few years or better out of a used one if luck is on your side. Again if you can get the donor vehicles VIN I can check compatibility.

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