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Doug C.
Doug C., ASE Certified Technician
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I have a 2007 shogun equippe, with a two year old new

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I have a 2007 shogun equippe, with a two year old new flywheel conversion and clutch kit fitted , having just acquired the vehicle and no history in what it towed , I have bad clutch judder under load and thrust bearing is getting noisey . Would you advise converting back to duel mass or just replacing with new better quality clutch kit, I tow 1.5 ton caravan about four times a year, and a boat on occasion . as there seems to be some conjecture in which is best.
Thanks GW


As you've seen already this is a pretty hotly contested argument on the pros and cons of single vs dual mass on these (and most) vehicles.

The bot***** *****ne you have to remember is that the vehicle was designed for dual mass... dual mass is more expensive, and they would not have put it on there if they could have gotten away with the drivability of a single mass clutch. A single or solid clutch kit will always have a harsher ride than a dual mass on this application... enough so that around-town driving is noticeably less comfortable with judders and grabs coming off the line.

In your situation... obviously I can't feel it to say if what you have is "typical" or not... all I can say is that the smoothest conversion clutches are still not as smooth as the dual mass. If yours is considerably worse, then we would have to consider if there is an issue with clutch quality. Not necessarily a "Cheap" clutch, but more to the point one that is engineered for heavier loads... these are often looked at as an "upgrade" when it is time for a clutch replacement (the argument that "while you're in there...."), but upon driving the heavy duty clutch regret sinks in. Another consideration is that the clutch itself may be failing too.... possibly due to wear (perhaps driven hard for those two years, or towed a lot etc) or due to contamination (oil leaking into bell housing, saturating the disc).

The bot***** *****ne is still going to be if you want the smoothest ride possible, go back to a dual mass set up. Again they would not have spent the extra money putting that in from the factory if they could have gotten away with a cheaper solid plate clutch and increased revenue. If you are OK with minor juddering and yours is deemed to be excessive, then it is likely time for a new clutch... and if you are sticking with the conversion I would recommend going with a normal clutch (no high capacity, high performance, high torque application etc type clutch as they are much worse in this respect).

With regard to the throwout bearing.... there is no real avoiding this, some are just noisy. The quietest will be Mitsubishi manufactured ones, but even they will have a high probability of getting noisy at any time.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi Doug
Thanks for your reply, basically what your saying makes sense,why change a design when a car company developed it in the first place to be that way.a second opinion that confirms my thoughts ,

You're welcome, good luck!

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