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Category: Mitsubishi
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Trying to change rear wheel on Mitsubishi sport wagon 03

Customer Question

Trying to change rear wheel on Mitsubishi sport wagon 03 left hand drive got the nuts off wheel won't come off . Help please
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Mitsubishi
Expert:  Robert replied 1 year ago.


Most likely by the sounds of it the rim is seized to your hub - very common on most vehicles especially alloys - you can of course grab the tyre with both hands or thump it with palm of hands at 9-3 oclock and then 12- 6 oclock postion to get it move and try wiggling/working it off with a bit of effort - if its really on there without any movement at all then you'll need a block of wood hold it against the inner edge of the rim on the lower part of the wheel so you will need to go under the car at the rear making sure you have suitable axles stands already in place for safety - hold the wood against the inner side of the rim and give it a good few hits to the centre of the wood with a suitable heavy enough hammer.have someelse turn the wheel as you keep the handbrake will need to be off.. this should help shock it of the hub and using the wood will protect the rim from damage..if you have rubber mallet than that would help too and hopefully this will help get the tyre off enough to wiggle it the rest of the way off the hub...if you get it off then clean up the mating surface inside the rim and on the hub facing..but try as above..hope this helps