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Doug E
Doug E, Motorcycle Mechanic
Category: Motorcycle
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Experience:  Professional motorcycle mechanic with 30 years experience and specializing in vintage motorcycles.
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help, I have a vn 900 custom 2010 , I have recently changed

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help, I have a vn 900 custom 2010 , I have recently changed the clutch cable and now the clutch seems to be stuck, I have tried all adjustments on the cable, I have engagement from the actuator arm to the pull rod and the tension is set on the clutch lever 5mm play also tried it with 3mm play as well. Jack the bike up and knock her into 1 St gear back wheel will not turn as expected , pull clutch in wheel still won't free wheel , I read a Kawasaki forum and a guy in the states had the exact problem , he cracked open the case and looked at his actuator arm he had a crack running through it he replaced it and hey presto his prob sorted. I cracked the case open checked the actuater arm and pull rod all being in good condition . That led me to check clutch plates no burn marks no smell all clean and no sign of wear . So now being in first gear with no plates in the wheel free wheels I put two plates in and turned back wheel and noticed some resistance, I then put the rest of the plates back in the correct order with no springs or any tension on the plates and the wheel will not budge ... Surely the wheel should turn??? I am stumped .

Doug E :


Doug E :

I need some clarification on the problem. When you pull in the clutch and put the bike in gear with engine running, what happens? If you let out the clutch lever, then what happens?

Doug E :

On Kawasaki road bikes, they will not free wheel with the motor off and the bike in gear and clutch pulled in. Their clutch plates have far too much friction. You can push them with some effort, but they don't roll very well when the motor is off.

Doug E :

So the question is does the clutch work properly with the engine running?

Customer: Thanx for your answer , after replacing all fluids and attaching new clutch cable, I let the bike warm up and spending a bit of time fine tuning the cable , finally have a working clutch.
Customer: after running the bike and fine tuning the new clutch cable , I now have a working clutch .
Doug E :

Was there a problem with the cable?

Customer: Thank you for your answer , clutch is working after running the bike for a while and fine tuning the cable .But strange thing is I can pull clutch lever in while in gear and manually move the back wheel now even when not running . Thanks again.
Customer: Than
Doug E :

Usually you can move them but they don't roll easily because Kawasaki clutches have a good deal of drag to them. As long as it's all working correctly then you are good to go. Happy riding!

Customer: Thank you clutch is
Doug E :

Happy to help.

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