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P.J., Motorcycle Mechanic
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Experience:  10+ Years as a mechanic and fabricator in an independent motorcycle shop.
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I have installed a 2kw starter on my evo softails and

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I have installed a 2kw starter on my evo softails and the bike will not start. When I start the bike the jack shaft turns the engine twice and then stops. Sometimes the jack shaft will not Return. Do I need a more powerful battery as I have upgraded the starter?
Any advice would be great thanks
It is possible a better battery could help. A little more information may be helpful in making a decision. Is your evo stock displacement and compression with stock pushrods, etc.? Is your ignition stock? Is your primary stock? Do you have a manufacturer and model of your current battery? Are your battery cables stock?Let me know when you get a chance and we can figure it out.Thanks, P.J.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Displacement, compression, pushrods, ignition and primary are all stock.
I do not have the manufacturer or model of battery. What should I be looking for in a battery spec?
The battery cables are stock.
Thank you for the help
Okay, thanks. A new 2KW starter ought to make that thing fly around. This is assuming your engine isn't binding. You can verify this by removing the plugs, putting the transmission in 5th gear, jacking the rear tire up and spinning it by hand. It should turn fairly easily with no binding. You need verify the jackshaft bolt isn't tightened too tightly and the outer primary bushing is installed and in good condition as it will cause the jackshaft to jam. The bolt gets only 10 inch pounds or so of torque. The locking tab is what keeps it all together so make sure it is in good shape. If not, get a replacement. Don't skimp on this as you'll be pulling everything back apart to fix it if you do. A weak battery or bad connections can also cause the jackshaft to jam out as well but I just want you to be sure the jackshaft is correctly assembled. There are several small parts that can be left out or installed incorrectly so check it carefully if you are unsure. I can get you a diagram if you need it. Have your battery load tested. This can be done at most any auto parts store or good bike shop (many times for free). This will give you an idea of how the battery is performing. Also, check your cables. Check all the ends to make sure they are clean and tight. The most common problem is the negative cable. It carries just as many amps as the positive. I'm not sure if your bike has a negative leading directly down to the starter mount bolt but it should. HD's weren't the best, ***** ***** bike's era, at making sure the wiring (especially the grounds) were sufficient. I'd add one if it doesn't have one. Blue thread locker on the terminal bolts and make sure the main cables are the first connections on if you have added accessory wires for anything else. Also very important is the battery hold down strap. It is absolutely necessary. The engine vibration will make the battery dance around causing the plates to short out inside it or the terminals to loosen up quickly. Your battery needs to have at least 240 cranking amps and heavy lead terminals with solid square nuts if the terminals aren't threaded. There are several good manufacturers out there but I recommend HD, Deka (the OE manufacturer), Drag Specialties (Premium line only), and AutoCraft (sold at AutoZone I think). These are all made in the USA, are all AGM (absorbed glass mat versus wet cell) with quality stuff inside and will produce plenty of consistent power and handle vibration well. They are all in the neighborhood of $140. Stay away from "wet" batteries, or batteries with flimsy terminals. Motobatt and similar are popular, and fine for metric bikes, but can't handle the HD Evo amperage requirements. It isn't the easiest engine to turn because of lack of starter drive reduction gearing. Also stay away from the lithium ion batteries. They can work but you really have to know how to use them as they don't just produce the power necessary without some warm up steps being taken. They are not worth the cost. I hope this helps. Thanks, P.J.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hi, yes a diagram would be good. I will do the checks you suggested also
Click here for the jackshaft diagram. It is in my Dropbox, which I have to "purge" pretty often due to low space so if you could go ahead and save it on your computer it won't disappear on you.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
There was no where to click?
Sorry, the website has been going through some changes and it appears the link isn't working.
Copy and past the web address below and you should see the diagram. Please let me know if it doesn't work.
Thanks, P.J.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
sorry I have been away for a few days. One final question, when it comes to the circling on the housing. Is the circling groove close to the primary cover or the inner primary cover.
You have been great.
Thanks for the help
I'm sorry but I'm not sure I understand the question.
Are you wondering which direction the snap ring groove that is inside the jackshaft coupling (shown as part number 6 the diagram) goes?
Thanks, P.J.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
The short side of the coupling faces the starter or the inner primary.
P.J. and other Motorcycle Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Thank you for your help and time
You're welcome! Take care. P.J.