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healthydoc, Board Certified Physician
Category: Neurology
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Experience:  Board Certified U.S. Neurologist
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I am having cyst or empty sella syndrom in pituitary gland

Customer Question

I am having cyst or empty sella syndrom in pituitary gland with excruciating headaches
I am looking for specialist who specialized in pituitary disorders
What I should do?
Thank you
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  healthydoc replied 4 years ago.

healthydoc :

Hello and thank you for your question. Where do you live and how far are you reasonable willing to travel for evaluation?

JACUSTOMER-k3vuvy4i- : In Toronto
healthydoc :

What tests have you had so far?

JACUSTOMER-k3vuvy4i- : In Toronto we can travel as far as we need as long as we can meet specialist in pituitary disorders
healthydoc :

And what tests have you had so far?

JACUSTOMER-k3vuvy4i- : Emori with IV injection
healthydoc :

Why was the MRI perfromed? Have they checked hormone levels in the blood to see if the the pituitary is making the right amount of hormones?

JACUSTOMER-k3vuvy4i- : MRI was done because of headaches on right side with some fluid dripping from right nostril
JACUSTOMER-k3vuvy4i- : There is history of low testosteron and blue strips on the sides difficulty to loose weight
JACUSTOMER-k3vuvy4i- : As for now testosterone in normal low range prolactin is normal
JACUSTOMER-k3vuvy4i- : Heav two healthy children
healthydoc :

Oh i see. Well it is important to figure out if this needs to be operated on. Also it is important to know if there are problems with hormone production by the pituitary. It is usually best to get evaluated by a neurosurgeon who specializes in pituitary procedures.

JACUSTOMER-k3vuvy4i- : How we can find neurosurgeon who specialized in pituitary procedures and how we can get an appointment
healthydoc :

1) Salvatore Di Maio in Montreal is a pituitary surgeon. 2) Fred Gentili, M.D., MSc., FRCSC is in toronto

healthydoc :

these guys are specialists

healthydoc :

in pituitary problems

JACUSTOMER-k3vuvy4i- : We are checking hormone levels with family physician
healthydoc :

Ok that's good

healthydoc :

If horomone levels are good and if it is not a pituitary tumor (adenoma) than surgery may not even be necessary

JACUSTOMER-k3vuvy4i- : We are hoping that is not necessary but we cannot live with this headaches and it looks like cyst getting bigger and can pres on the gland that is why we need consultation with neurosurgeon before damage will be unreversable
healthydoc :

Sounds very reasonable

healthydoc :

I would use this website to find a doctor that you feel comfortable traveling to

healthydoc :

There are all well respected pituitary specialists

healthydoc :

I would pick a neurosurgeon as that would be the next logical step

JACUSTOMER-k3vuvy4i- : Can you find name and telephone such a specialist That was a reason for our appointment
healthydoc :

of course

healthydoc :

Fred Gentili, MD, MSc, FRCSC
Tel: 416 603-5250
Fax: 416 603-5298
Email: [email protected]

healthydoc :

In Toronto

healthydoc :

May be your best bet'

JACUSTOMER-k3vuvy4i- : Thank you
healthydoc :

My pleasure and good luck

healthydoc :

If I have answered your questions please rate my answers positively. That would be greatyl appreciated