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healthydoc, Board Certified Physician
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Hello,I am a 46 year old male who has experienced some very

Customer Question

Hello, I am a 46 year old male who has experienced some very peculiar symptoms for the last 20 some years. I have balance issues where I feel the need to hold onto furniture and push my feet such that I am balancing on the outsides of my feet to assert the feeling of balance. I am occasionally clumsy but I seem to be able to play golf without much issue - although I avoid playing when the intensity is high. I simultaneously feel tight around neck, the shoulders, and the spine between the shoulders. I also feel light headed and some dissociation. If I move my head very quickly the world can seem to spin round. It is much more noticeable when I am sitting still such as now when I am typing this - I feel that unless my neck is kept still/stiff and I move only my eyes then I might fall over somehow. I feel tense in the shoulders as I am typing and my hands feel slightly shaky. I feel there is an anxiety component as it does tend to trigger anxiety\panic. This issue intensifies periodically (every month or two) and after while dissipates to a lower level of intensity, or I notice it much less. The most intense episode I had was about three yers ago where I was sitting at my desk and I felt the world switch on/ and off in the blink of an eye or spin round and I reacted by falling off my seat and perfoming a backward roll before springing to my feet. Apparently it was hilarious to watch (I am not without a sense of humour :), as one of my colleagues noticed, but it scared the daylight out of me. A consultation with an MD gave me an explanation of a recent cold or some ear fluid issue. I have had a head MRI and nothing obvious seen. I do have a history of anxiety - could this be the sole explanation? I don't see it as overtly sinister (nowadays) but it triggers anxiety, Any ideas or suggestions (besides szee a neurologist ?)

Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  healthydoc replied 4 years ago.

healthydoc :

Hello and thank you for your question. Your concerns are legitimate. The brain MRI will most likely not explain all of our symptoms. The cervical spine has many proprioceptive receptors which help you balance. Patient who have issues with the cervical spine can complain of arm and shoulder. You spinning sensation does sound like a inner ear related issue. Patient who have an inflammation of the balance organ in the inner ear can have the spinning sensation that you described. Anxiety can exacerbate your symptoms but not necessarily cause all of them.