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healthydoc, Board Certified Physician
Category: Neurology
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Experience:  Board Certified U.S. Neurologist
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For about a month I have been experiencing a buzzing feeling

Customer Question

For about a month I have been experiencing a buzzing feeling in my foot and leg. My left leg was also twitching, keeping me awake at night but this has lessened now. I have been anxious about my health lately and my doctor believes it is anxiety that is causing these symptoms as he tested my reflexes and said everything appeared fine. I am having no sight problems either. He has put me on Mirtaphine as I am very anxious. Can anxiety really do this? As I am afraid that I have the onset of MS.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Neurology
Expert:  healthydoc replied 4 years ago.

healthydoc :

Hello and thank you for your question.

healthydoc :

The buzzing feeling and twitching feeling is constant or only when you try to sleep or while sleeping?

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : I have the buzzing most of the time but on occasion it does disappear.
healthydoc :

okay. Besides that any vision issues, bladder problems?

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : No
healthydoc :

okay. So it is more likely related to anxiety and not MS.

healthydoc :

In MS you would have weakness, vision problems, bladder problems.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : Why? I thought ms started buzzing, pins and needles sensation
healthydoc :

No most common symptom is having optic neuritis, bladder problems and weakness in limbs.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : I don't have it when I first wake up.
healthydoc :

Moreover it would not disappear.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : not even for a little while.
healthydoc :

okay. So you need to relax as you do not have MS.

healthydoc :

Take the medication for anxiety for a month and you would feel better.

healthydoc :

Based on your description you do not fall in category for evaluating for MS.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : I am so convinced that I do. If I had anxiety wouldn't I have buzzing all over me not just my legs. I do feel better in myself but the buzzing hasn't stopped.
healthydoc :

No not likely. Anxiety can manifest any psychological and physical symptoms

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : I do feel dizzy.
healthydoc :

Also get evaluated for Restless leg syndrome.

healthydoc :

Sometimes iron deficiency can lead to RLS.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : I don't tend to have it at night now. I have had a blood test which were normal.
healthydoc :


healthydoc :

So it is anxiety.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : why?
healthydoc :

Because your reflexes are normal and so is your blood work.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : but ms doesn't show up in bloodwork does it?
healthydoc :

Your reflexes would not be normal as well in MS.

healthydoc :

You need MRI of your brain.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : my doctor asked me to walk heel to toe and on my tip toes also to stand with my heels together with my eyes closed which I could do but why?
healthydoc :

He told you to do so to check if you have balance issues or not.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : Why do I need an MRI of my brain?
JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : Why do I feel dizzy?
healthydoc :

As you have in your mind that you have MS, getting MRI of your brain can only relieve your anxiety.

healthydoc :

Anxiety can make you dizzy.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : If I had MS would the buzzing be with me all the time with not a minutes leg up?
healthydoc :


JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : Can you have the buzzing first and problems with eyes etc later?
healthydoc :


JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : I am sure I gave read that you can.
healthydoc :

Only way to relieve your doubt is to have MRI of your brain.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : Are you a neurologist?
healthydoc :


healthydoc :

Based on what you have mentioned you do not have MS.

healthydoc :

In MS, if you had symptoms you would need steroids to prevent the flare ups.

healthydoc :

You would not able to walk and would have pain.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : What is it that you look for? Could this not just be the start of it. I have had done pain I'm my foot and leg.
JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : My ankle feels stiff
healthydoc :

I understand your concern, but based on what you've told me so far it does not imply MS at this point. Your symptoms are generally very vague and can occur for many benign reasons. The typical presentations for MS include persistent weakness or persistent numbness of the legs/arms. MS can also presents a optic neuritis where a person will have vision that is constantly affected where they are not able to see clearly. Once these symptoms occur, a MRI of the brain and spine is ordered with and without contrast. If there are active lesions on the MRI then one can say that MS is suspected. Your symptoms are transient and do not imply MS.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : Sorry to ask but what do you mean by numbness?
healthydoc :

Numbness means that you can not feel when something touches or you touch a part of your body. A lack of sensation.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : I am trying to tell myself that I do not have MS as on occasions when I am not thinking about it the pins and needles can disappear for a time but the fact that I keep getting them for most of the day is really freaking me out. I don't know his to stop worrying about it.
healthydoc :

The fact that it is pins and needles and not a numbness is sufficient to say that by itself it does not mean you have MS. I've had many patients who complain of pins and needles when they become excited or anxious about something. As soon as the period of anxiety passes, their symptoms improve.

JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : I would love to have an MRI but my doctor doesn't think I need one.
JACUSTOMER-wgryqlq3- : I have no numbness just a buzzing or pins and needles feeling.
healthydoc :

Which is the reason I'm suggesting that it is not MS.

healthydoc :

If you still want to get a MRI, you can seek a second opinion. May be that doctor can help you get a MRI