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Following a twitchy eye for approx six months i was sent for

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Following a twitchy eye for approx six months i was sent for an mri scan last July. The neurologist looked at my scan and showed me that i have 5 small white spots in different areas, she didn't seem overly concerned and thought it could be due to my age (40), she said they were fairly common. She said that a radiologist would look at scan and if any concerns would contact me. Six months later i have not heard a thing, however for some reason over the weekend i started to worry that maybe the scan was not passed on so i went to my gp Monday who has requested for the results to be sent to him but these are not back yet. I have been worried sick since the weekend in case i have ms. I am now thinking i also have i tingly feeling in my hands but not sure if this could be brought on by anxiety? I have read so much over the week about white spots on the brain and am so worried that i have ms,

healthydoc :

Hello and thank you for your question.

healthydoc :

Was your MRI with or without scan?

healthydoc :

with or without contrast scan?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The scan was were i was laid down with my head in a tunnel and there was lots of noise, sorry i don't understand your question. I am not aware if it was a contrast scan? sorry not much help
There are two types of MRI scan one is with contrast where you are given a liquid to drink and MRI is done and other is without contrast where the liquid is not given. Now as you have white spots that can be white mater diseases which means it can occur when person ages or have history of headaches, cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes. If one has MS, you would need MRI with contrast and if that white spots lightens up than it can be MS plaques. Moreover for radiologist would also mention that these white spots are demyelinating in nature and the diagnosis is MS in your MRI report. So based on what you have described these white spots are not likely related to MS.
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