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healthydoc, Board Certified Physician
Category: Neurology
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Experience:  Board Certified U.S. Neurologist
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I have been suffering with pins and needles all over my body

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I have been suffering with pins and needles all over my body including my face, i have also had a few attacks where i am shaking pins an needles, very twitchy and getting confused also pain in my head during and after each attack as well as feeling very tired. Could i be suffering from epilipsy??

healthydoc :

Hello and thank you for your question.

healthydoc :

Yes if you have twitching and jerking of the body and after that episode if you feel tired and fatigued than it is possible that you might be getting a seizure activity. In order to be diagnose for epilepsy you need to have more than 3-4 seizure activity.

healthydoc :

I would suggest to see a neurologist which you are already referred, he may order EEG test to evaluate the seizure activity and where in the brain it is originating from.

healthydoc :

He may also suggest MRI of your brain to rule out the cause of the seizure activity if you get evaluated for one.

healthydoc :

Please get back to me if you have any further questions. Thank you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hello, Thank you for answering my question. May i say, i have had several of these attacks the 1st i hyperventalted and it felt like my chest was being crushed along with pins an needles, and the shakes. 2nd was different as i didn't have trouble breathing but was very twitchy an pins an needles, 3rd was the same as the 2nd. I have become confused and forget full. PLEASE HELP

You're welcome. Yes it does sound like a seizure activity. I would suggest to go to ER or request your GP to order EEG test until he refer you to a neurologist. EEG is very important to evaluate if you have seizure activity or not. Based on this testing you would be prescribed anti seizure medication to prevent it.
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